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Mitchell Vogler - Becoming an Entrepreneur

Mitchell Vogler is a seasoned businessman who has made a name for himself in the entrepreneurial community of Atlanta, Georgia. He is both a successful entrepreneur himself and a close ally to many self-made businesspeople in and around his area. 220 more words


Konstantin Bas, Business Development - Tips for Success

Konstantin Bas is a construction management professional and a certified Business Developer with decades of experience. Business development, or biz dev, is an oft-misunderstood field to those outside of it, but to those in the profession, it is but another skill to be mastered. 231 more words

Konstantin Bas

Playing with fire in Sri Lanka's fireworks village

The heavy, metal apparatus standing in R. Lorrence’s garage seems out of place. Its design is simple enough – a pneumatic pump helps pack a mix of explosive chemicals into a slender plastic tube, exerting pressure that a human hand couldn’t hope to match. 1,548 more words


Konstantin Bas - Eliminating Business Management Mistakes

Konstantin Bas holds degrees in both Business Management and Construction Management, and both have severed him well during his decades in his career. Successful business managers such as Bas typically perform self-check-ins to find and eliminate mistakes, furthering their professional abilities. 227 more words

Konstantin Bas


Let me begin with this apartment, where a grocery store and six people are all crammed into 400 square feet in the Methsara Uyana high-rise. 3,770 more words


Tom Jones Returns to the Stage Following Wife Linda's Death

Sir Tom Jones is using singing to help him work through the loss of his late wife, Linda, describing it as “my best therapy.” 367 more words