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Rare Henry Singleton 1982 Businessweek Article

Here’s the 1982 article Businessweek did. Singleton rarely did interviews. This was a fairly negative article. Most articles on Singleton and Teledyne are positives and are worth studying. 42 more words


A new crop of summer camps teach kids to worship the almighty dollar

The American summer camp—in its romanticized, nostalgic form—involves lots of canoeing, marshmallow toasting, and epic battles of capture the flag, all in a rustic forest setting. 295 more words

Until the robots can arrange flowers, there will still be jobs for humans

Much has been written about the rise of automation, and what it means for the future of employment.

There’s mounting evidence that workers in wide swaths of job categories will be replaced, and the most vulnerable jobs are ones that require little education and offer low pay. 279 more words

American Aerospace and 5G Wireless Networks

From Bloomberg Business Week, Feb. 16, 2017: 

The fast-growing drone industry is eagerly awaiting the advent of 5G. Most unmanned craft store video-and-mapping data from their flights onboard, then download it after landing. 137 more words

American Aerospace

Stability Is Good for Business. Trump’s Whims Threaten It

Trump and uncertainty go together. Ever since becoming the President, he has tried doing lot of things he promised in his election campaign. Businesses like to plan ahead for the future. 121 more words


Required Reading

This week, magazine designers go for the jugular, Trump turned down Warhol prints, the state of the digital in 2017, ancient Roman cities, female photojournalists, and more. 15 more words

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