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Understanding Homeless Life: Walking El Camino With No Money.

(Link of video here and below)

Will you be doing that trail that people take to find themselves?” I was asked by my Sister before I actually thought, “Huh, why not?” about two years after. 2,671 more words


In Connection, NYC, US

Only who retrieved earth senses
Will be allowed to weave the path to the higher
The heavenly garden is near, feel,
Ever winding journey is about to end

Washington Square Park, NYC, US, 2018


Subway trio pushes the limits to create punchy 'brasshouse' sound

You just never know what sort of musical surprises might come out of the underground.

It has been five years now since Too Many Zooz… 893 more words


A Letter to Spider Woman, NYC, US

Witnessing the eve of new consciousness’ arrival,
The wise, weaving the world into existence,
We ask for your compassionate guidance.
Teach us harmony, Give us clarity, and Lift us higher.

Washington Square Park, NYC, US, 2018


VIDEO: Bailgate Busking Festival 2018

Here’s a video Made in Lincoln U.K. filmed about the 2018 Bailgate Busking Festival.

I can be seen playing tuba with Simchaat just before 19’00.


A Prayer for Narwhals, NYC, US

The overpowering noise erased the North star
From the universe of sea unicorns.
Sedna’s children are taken to infinite hollow,
Yearning for her love and protection.

Washington Square Park, NYC, US, 2018


Tales from the Pitch

It’s 9:00PM on July 3, 2018 in Annapolis and I’m in the Westfield mall trying to escape the brutal 100 degree heat. I come to the mall a lot. 328 more words