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By Lunch Time I Was Exhausted ...

You might not imagine so, but creating an ice sculpture is very tiring work. Today, by lunch time I was exhausted. My name is Guðrún, I am an artist and during the winter months of the upper Northern Hemisphere, I busk my skills in towns and cities, creating ice sculptures in return for donations of appreciation from tourists and shoppers. 374 more words

'On the Road Again'

The world seems to be opening up a little more, so being able to ‘cautiously’ travel with music again, seems doable? At least, I will try for a time, see how things go. 534 more words


What is busking?

There’s a famous Korean band named Buska Buska and while I love their music, I found their name odd. I looked into it and found that it was a play on the word busking. 110 more words

Don't wait 'til you're ready

Ive been busking today in the glorious sunshine. I’ve been out a few times since the shops opened it’s still a bit quiet but the overall response has been positive. 242 more words



There’s a view that getting a permit for busking kind of disqualifies it from being true busking and I tend to agree. It certainly defeats the free spirit of it and limits the kind of music you will experience as it prevents the spontaneous traveling buskers. 1,081 more words

F.M. listens well as long as it's not brusque

If I just could busk
well enough from dawn to dusk.
I’d play me some Tusk.