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Ides of August, Buying Gas

Stopping to buy gas late in the evening, I walk into D&L and immediately stop: the familiar clerk is mopping the floor. It’s so muggy, even long past dark, that he holds the back of his wrist to his sweating forehead. 211 more words


Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #3

Hey everyone thanks for all your kind words about Zen Lessons From A Flock of Seagulls, to be honest it received far more traction than I was expecting but I guess I’d gotten out of the habit of writing. 280 more words



Some may wonder why we use the word “I” so seldom in hokku — in fact, generally use it only when necessary for clarity and good English. 322 more words

Age 19

Oh, ode to June in all her lovely greenery.

Remember being 19-years-old? Remember desire, desire, desire?

The summer river.
It’s happy to walk across it.

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Friday Haiku/(Not Haiku) #8

Oh yes indeedy, it’s Friday Haiku/(Not Haiku) time once again and I’ve finally managed to pull my finger out and create one of my own. What’s more it’s one of my few upbeat ones so far. 157 more words


hanging branch

Snow covered treetops

a cherry blossom dreamland

until the branch falls

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My haiku is a ‘revision’ of this haiku written by 18th century Japanese poet, Yosa Buson: 34 more words


Sakura Temple

the millstone has stopped
hidden beneath frost and ice
a hungry temple
­                                                                 snow drops from a branch
­                                                                 memories of sakura
­                                                                 temple garden wakes… 102 more words