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Three-Cone Drill Podcast: It's About Ethics In Gawker Journalism

Last week, Gawker strangely outed a high-level Conde Nast employee related to Tim Geithner, who Danny tells me is someone that matters.

This is a matter that touches on our journalistic experience, so we’ve set out to talk about it in our typical fashion: with empathy and also by being assholes. 381 more words

Caught Speeding - The Fast Rapping Playlist

I’ve started compiling a playlist of a bunch of really fast rappers. The Tech N9ne Midwest/Worldwide Choppers kind of set me off with this, when rappers hit those speeds in a verse it blows my mind. 52 more words


Busty Rhymes Rides For Fetty Wap!!!

Listen as Busta Rhymes he rides for Fetty Wap!!! Here’s why! See video below to hear Busta Bust in his classic east coast slang!

Your Thoughts? 56 more words

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Check 'Em Out: Cavemouth

“Guaranteed to get you up and out of your seat and sweating, Cavemouth are the aural equivalent to a night on a stairmaster, drinking Jack Daniels through a pair of fishnet tights.” 155 more words


Aron Aranbayev - Jeweler To The Stars - Fatally Struck With Car After Argument Over Parking Space In Queens

New York Daily News — The grieving family of Aron Aranbayev followed the heartbreaking tradition of retrieving his blood from the spot where he died. A jeweler to the stars, he was run down by a man he had argued with — a motorist who remained at large Tuesday, officials said. 96 more words


FRESH HEAT - David Sabastian - "Duh"

LA based rapper and designer David Sabastian and his crew ANTI Society have a brand new single and music video that just released today called “Duh.” Directed by Byron Atienza, co-direction by David ANTI and executive production by St. 83 more words


Southpaw Soundtrack

1.  James Horner – Cry For Love (Part 1)

2.  Eminem ft. Gwen Stefani – Kings Never Die

3.  Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard ft. 83 more words

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