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Do you guys want to know 50 random facts about me? Good.

1: What are you wearing? Nothing special. I’m wearing a black tank top from JayJays that says ‘If you were a zombie I’d eat you the most’, and a pair of black denim shorts that I brought from an op shop as jeans and cut into shorts. 589 more words


The Happenings

Winter is finally gone.  For now we have good weather ahead and the best sports on Earth (well… maybe just at Elder) are shining.

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently put out an… 417 more words


Guy Caught On Tape Releasing A Rat In Restaurant To Get Free Meal! [VIDEO]

What a cheapskate! This guy wanted a free meal so after he ate his dinner, he released a rat in the restaurant and got caught on camera! 189 more words


This Guy Who Caught Me, Part 2

(Continuation of This Guy Who Caught Me)

He was totally cool about it…

And then he stopped talking to me. Probably because he sees that I’m blogging everything he says/does. 11 more words

Dating/Single Life

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week:

1. White Jazz – Jack

2. Air Hostess – Busted

3. For The Dead – Gene

4. Every Day I Love You Less And Less – Kaiser Chiefs… 22 more words


So awhile ago I met McBusted. I suffered about 59 hours without sleep but still managed to have the best day and night of my life. 660 more words


No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called "PUTIN"

The Internet, while a vast and varied resource rich in information on innumerable topics, is also a rascally son of a boomerang and will often regurgitate fiction as fact. 263 more words