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They're Back

Everyone is back on campus.

I miss the quiet. To be fair my dorm really isn’t that loud. Still, I liked the peace of campus. Felt simpler and less riddled with goings-on. 25 more words


Notes. So many of them.

And I don’t know the password to submit them with…!

More Downton Abbey. And I’m inspired more than ever to deviate from my original path of my degree, post graduation. 29 more words

The Busy Bee Challenge

I sat down thinking. I thought. And I thought. And I thought again, until it came to me… A CHALLENGE! *Trumpet fanfare* I really wanted to get people motivated and excited for this weekend. 316 more words


Coping With A Busy Schedule


I never quite understood the actual definition of a busy bee, until I honestly looked it up on google. It’s funny how I assumed it was someone who was just busy in general but oh how I was wrong. 382 more words

Running Around

Honestly all I did. (So much for that homework, yeah?)

Food for Thursday.

Decorations to annoy my brother figure.

Me eating too much- but hey, protein? 86 more words

Behind the Bee

I just saw a rainbow!! *ahem* But back to the point…There are a whoole lotta blogs out there that have names with proper meanings, whether it is a part of their name that they have made a twist upon, or there favourite combination of two foods as a name, they can be the most random reasons, so what about…Busy Bee? 494 more words


Stocking Up and Soggy Camera Snapping

´╗┐Today was a bit of a damp and drizzly day, not that I went all sad about! I made two clays and did some camera snapping outdoors in the beautiful leafy surroundings! 440 more words