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Sorry ComixBawses! No post today, but good news - I'm officially a Barnes & Noble Barista and I've been accepted to two Masters Programs!

Greetings fellow ComixBawses!!

So, I’ve had the craziest week! I’ve been swamped at my new job! I’m officially done with my training and now I’m a full fledged barista! 310 more words


Nightmare in Michigan!

A west-side family suffered a night of near-tragedy Saturday when their daughter fell ill and doctors feared for her life.

The drama began when Little Cinderella could be not awakened, despite it being Pancake Day and the pancakes being chocolate chip. 401 more words


Life...it's passing by too fast these days

This has been a week ago this past Sunday. It’s been a great mini vacation we took and clocked out of our daily lives for a few tiny days just to enjoy each others company and a new side of life again. 335 more words


Buster weekend

Buster is here. We spent about eight hours watching a dystopian kids show from Britain. I told him it scared me when the bad guys show up, but we just kept watching. 479 more words


Quote 803

When you feel like you are so busy and you are feeling very stressed, take a moment, breathe, speak to someone you love, sort out the work you need to do… 50 more words


Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream

I cannot sleep and I’ve definitely been trying. I go through cycles of having energy and being super fatigued, here I am so energetic that I’ve had a super productive day AND night! 241 more words