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Aren’t we lucky we are not bees? We can have a rest.

Wishing you all a restful weekend! <3


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Toilet FAIL Bombs

I do love a good DIY Pinterest project.. but sometimes, like many, I fail. Miserably.

I came across this great idea of toilet cleaning bombs which sounded bloody brilliant cos if there’s one thing I really really hate cleaning it’s the bloody toilet. 445 more words


Deodorant so natural, you could eat it!

..not that you would want to.

Regardless, this stuff rocks. Seriously.

It’s easy to make, environmentally friendly, cheap as chips and most importantly it WORKS! 305 more words


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I’m restless. I am one of those typical tri-state area people who need to constantly be doing something. Maybe it’s my personality. I have been going crazy these past few days. 352 more words


Coming up soon // Das kommt bald

Alrighty, I am back from vacations and man, so much to work on – photos, blog entries and everything, I still need to actually unpack and do laundry, sort this whole chaos in my apartment and oh, it is weekend, so I should also be relaxing somehow. 161 more words