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I haven’t written in ages. .. so firstly my apologies for that. There are 2 main reasons for my lack of word vomittting. 1) who has the time for this blogging shit?! 709 more words

Woke Up. Accomplished. Too Heavy a Plate.

I woke up. I survived the day. I felt like absolute shit through all of it.

Teacher has decided I really need to press for showcasing. 253 more words

Storyboards, Pens, and After Effects

Really, there’s not much to report.

Almost done storyboarding (it looks rather mediocre. Will clean it up.) My roommate wants fabric pens (how she doesn’t know what those are astounds me…) And a friend of mine turned to me, rather than her TA, for help with a program I’m becoming astute at. 255 more words

My World: Busy Bee Workbooks

The world of the five year old Busy Bee is full of community helpers. Mothers know that their five year old may come out with statements beginning with the words “My teacher says…” Ah! 154 more words

Not the time you deserve

Hi guys

You probably have already noticed that there was no Wish List the past Friday or even today. This is because I don’t have time. 513 more words


A busy bee ... 

Bzzzzzz … bzzzzzz … bzzzzzz.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you were as busy as a bee!!!

Life's Little Lessons