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Photo-A-Day 147 of 366...

Do you ever have one of those days where you just have to sit in the hallway? Am I the only one who does that? Sometimes when life gets a little hectic, with so many things on the “to do” list, I usually find myself sitting in the hallway, leaning up against the wall. 55 more words


Inventive Evasions

Pardon me while I hide.

With nerves gathering in my mind’s every corner ready to pounce on this Women’s Fiction gambit I’m starting this week, I am playing the coward for two last days. 34 more words


Busy Bee!

So, I was going to go straight home, SAT study for about an hour then study for my Chem test for about 3 hours then work on my TOK essay (DUE TOMMORROW) for the rest of the evening. 440 more words


Day 133: Pizza!!!

Hello wild ones! Your week is almost at an end, mine is just beginning.

I am giving myself a gold star for today. The house (of course I mean the main living areas) is clean and smelling of delicious peppermint, just about all of the dirty laundry had been washed and put away, and I prepped my lunches for work. 490 more words

Courses Completed

I’m done. Done. Done. Done. I just have financial aid to deal with, of which they’ll either send me through a loop or be cooperative. 224 more words

What Happened on Saturday?

Here is a repost of one of the first blog posts I ever wrote on this site. Mainly because I am busy studying and thought it would be good to recycle.  482 more words


Let yourself go

Busy Bee, that’s me… So, I’ve been abroad to Seoul, South Korea, visiting a friend and got home a few days ago. I’ve also started working again at my reoccurring seasonal job at a golf course and keeping my job as an assistent. 238 more words