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1031. Sickle

Last week I was clearing the weeds and long grass along the roadside in front of my house. Would you believe? The weed-eater ran out of fuel just when there was only a little bit left to do. 245 more words

A Story A Day

Busy bodies

Like little bees, always doing.

The busy lives and the bodies keep moving.

When self-reflect is too a dangerous a pool to peer in.

The busy bodies never see their own reflection. 44 more words


Slow down, fam.

Do you ever find yourself sucked into a conversation that reminds you of every single thing that you have on your plate? You and whoever you are talking with are playing the “Oh Listen to My Long, Miserable List of Things to Do” game. 600 more words

Confronting Idleness

So my husband preached a sermon on Idleness a couple weeks ago and to be honest, I’m STILL CONVICTED!! I want to share a couple of my notes with you because I believe that they will… 752 more words


My Love-Hate Relationship with To-Do Lists

Anyone can tell you that 99% of the time, I’m on top of my game. My number one strength is disciple, so I love order and routine. 504 more words

Random Thoughts

The hamper of goodies...Friday fiction in five sentences.

The ding-dong of the doorbell sounded loud in the silent, dim house.

Ginger and her owner opened the door, met no one but a wicker hamper with goodies; a bottle of red, a thick slab of ham, some fruitcake, pecan pie and a card that simply said ‘thank you.’ 213 more words

Short Stories


I’ve been told I am a busy-body.

To be clear, the term busy-body is usually a noun, “A person who is too interested in the private lives of other people.”  But when describing me it is a verb, “To move around, not necessarily with purpose.” 318 more words