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"The Green Thing"

Every day, there will be some type of harangue regarding the actions – or lack there of – of one generation by another. Some will claim these are perfectly acceptable. 2,638 more words


Feelin' Good

Hello.  Although writing this post should be at the very bottom of my “to-do” list for this weekend, I felt that writing this was important.  My 2015 may have had a bit of a rocky start, but things are looking up!   350 more words


Pretty Lights

My senses go on overload whenever I step foot in a city with a population larger than 2,500. Because I’m from a town so tiny that we only have one stoplight (I’m serious), I can’t even fathom the idea of having  150 more words


Hopelessly Delusional

On a scale of one to ten, how hard to you think it is to attend college without accumulating any debt? It’s a ten. Solid ten. 315 more words


Beautiful Messes

Have you ever walked into a room and felt utterly inadequate? Maybe you were under dressed or didn’t manage to squeeze in a shower that morning, so your self esteem for that day was resting solely on how ridiculous you looked with smeared lipstick, or if you’re like me, cereal caught in your hair from this morning’s breakfast (yes, this is entirely possible)? 188 more words