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Mind your own fucking business

Who made the rules that you should be married and have kids by a certain age? Who made the rules that your life is better if you’re in a relationship? 243 more words


Busy Body

Busy Body

Busy body: a person who is too interested in the private lives of other people

I totally thought a busy body was a person who never settles into anything, and is always getting into new things before they can finish the previous thing. 558 more words


I have been MIA | Reason why | Good news!

Oh boy! Have I been missing you guys!

As you all may, or may not have noticed that I have been MIA (Missing in action) for quite some time now. 389 more words



My expedition was to a  physicians hospital office to get the results of a medical test performed the previous week. Normally the hospital is about a twelve to twenty  minute drive depending on the traffic. 836 more words

Dustbusting in the cubes

It’s not that often that I join the ranks of the “Oh my God, I am sick and I must be dying of some dread disease!” club. 884 more words