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I have been MIA | Reason why | Good news!

Oh boy! Have I been missing you guys!

As you all may, or may not have noticed that I have been MIA (Missing in action) for quite some time now. 389 more words



My expedition was to a  physicians hospital office to get the results of a medical test performed the previous week. Normally the hospital is about a twelve to twenty  minute drive depending on the traffic. 836 more words

Dustbusting in the cubes

It’s not that often that I join the ranks of the “Oh my God, I am sick and I must be dying of some dread disease!” club. 884 more words


The Little people run the show here - welcome to Kidzania!

Disney, Universal, Magic Kingdom, Essel World…these are all theme parks. Intense if somewhat inane rides, movie characters and lots of special effects is what makes them special. 332 more words

Busy Body

Work On the Weekends

Okay, so when I mean ‘work’ on the weekends I’m not talking about working like “official/your job” work. This is what I mean.

When the weekend finally arrives, everyone is always like “I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend, now I can relax and go to the movies…” or something like that. 412 more words