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The One About Practical Healthy Habits

Summer is upon us, with the kids around the house more than usual, now is a great time to establish some healthy habits for the entire family! 247 more words

A Growing Love For Christ

In my walk with Christ, my love for Him has been strongest when I spent a lot of quality time in prayer. When we spend time with God we are feeding our spiritual nature, and in turn we desire more of God. 77 more words

Born Again

Getting Serious About Prayer

When we observe the men and women God used in the Bible, we can see that they lived prayerful lives. For example, King David ruled over Israel, yet he was continually seeking the presence of God (Psalm 27:8). 131 more words

Born Again

Non Diet, Food Replacement?

A cousin of mine shared something on social media last week. It was an article looking at a meal replacement drink. She, and her friends, were adamant that the author had merely failed to read the instructions properly, or not tried the right flavour. 329 more words

A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

Buying a home and selling a property is not an easy process that is why we are hiring a real estate agent to assist the buyers and sellers with their needs. 476 more words

Let it burn.....

I have succumb to the bug that is…….the burn out. I confess I am a workaholic, perfectionist and proudly idealistic in my thinking. I want to save the world everyday but the only thing is that I am one person. 187 more words

Words To Inspire

I’ve Lost My Marbles And I Am Not Afraid To Admit It!

Where are my keys?

Where is my phone?

Have I brushed my teeth?

Where did I put Isaac’s dummy?

Did I lock the door?

These are only a few questions I ask myself on a daily basis. 312 more words