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Get Lost! (Be Present)

I am known to be guilty from time to time of getting completely wrapped up in my life. Sounds pretty normal right? It is somewhere I don’t like to be. 662 more words

Ashlie Sykora

Let's start this

I’ve been kind of looking at this site and wondering how to begin so I think I’ll just go for it.

I’m overweight and I don’t like it. 287 more words

Take time to do what makes your soul happy

I was talking to a friend today from work and while were discussing our lives and other office politics we both felt and agreed how much little time we spend working towards personal development. 220 more words

Dodging Colds and Flu for the Crazy Busy

It’s 2015, the year is in full swing. I don’t know about you, but I have been crazy busy with lots of things going on. Some good, some not-so-good, but mostly good. 526 more words

Ashlie Sykora

Don't Postpone Happiness

Have you been guilty of saying “I will be happy when….” .  Why do so many put of being happy or feel they need something external to be happy.   51 more words


Sunday Morning Kid-Friendly Kitchen Kick-Ass

Ahhh Sunday!  The day of rest and relaxation.  Unless you have a bunch of kids kickin’ around the house with you… And a cold wintery Sunday when going anywhere is option number 43 on your top 50 list, you might as well get in a kick-ass workout. 176 more words


Jump Squats with Baby (any child or small fragile animal will do)

We were trying to finish off our Sunday morning kitchen workout and Jonah just wasn’t havin’ it anymore.  I wish I’d captured the hollering which lead to mom picking up Jonah for the final set of jump squats but…nobody would really wanna see that.