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A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

Buying a home and selling a property is not an easy process that is why we are hiring a real estate agent to assist the buyers and sellers with their needs. 476 more words

Let it burn.....

I have succumb to the bug that is…….the burn out. I confess I am a workaholic, perfectionist and proudly idealistic in my thinking. I want to save the world everyday but the only thing is that I am one person. 187 more words

Words To Inspire

I’ve Lost My Marbles And I Am Not Afraid To Admit It!

Where are my keys?

Where is my phone?

Have I brushed my teeth?

Where did I put Isaac’s dummy?

Did I lock the door?

These are only a few questions I ask myself on a daily basis. 312 more words

Started on Monday, now I'm here.

Well, it’s Friday! Hallelujah.

Much like anyone else, I look forward to Friday from the moment I wake up on Monday morning. It’s not… 478 more words


Inviting Indulgence...

I’ve noticed that when you’re pregnant, it suddenly become the reason for getting away with some things. Crying at adverts, forgetting your bank card when you go to the shop, throwing up in public places…! 690 more words

Remedies To Avoid Mummies Getting Sick

As mums, we do not have time to be sick. Leading our busy lifestyles, which include juggling motherhood, there is no time to be burdened by illness. 611 more words

Life, the craziness.

There is so much that goes on around us every day, and we can all get sucked into the emotions that are around us. We have to be intentional, or we might miss out on relationships and the small (but important) things in life. 485 more words