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When to put a "Stop"???

Have you ever ask yourself why are you so busy?

Have you ever contemplate what make you so busy?

To live in this mundane world, no one can avoid from busyness. 174 more words


How Do You Focus in the Middle of Chaos?

If you’re like me, you’re living a crazy busy life and trying to figure out how to navigate through it while clinging on to some sense of peace at the end of the day. 1,503 more words

Life Skills

5 Ways to Relax

Taking care of business is exactly what us Boss Babes do on a daily basis. We cook, clean, work, study, and organize among the plethora of things on our to-do lists every day. 337 more words

Do you Dolce Far Niente?

If not, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

You see, dolce far niente is the Italian art of doing NOTHING. Yes, absolutely nothing and gloriously savoring every sweet, idle second of it. 540 more words

This Is 40

Guess whose back?

It’s the fifth month of 2017 and I’m back. I owe you all an explanation as to where I have been for the past 4 weeks.  450 more words


Organizing your Busy Life

Organization is key. When it comes down to figuring out and planning your life on a daily basis, you need to have some sort of a plan. 444 more words

Life Tips

Top 10: On-the-go snacks

Turning to fast food may sound like a quick fix for a bite to eat on a busy day, but the calories from these indulgent items are not worth it! 126 more words

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