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The Beginning

We’re up and running.

Welcome to Productively Healthy!

What is this blog about?

Well… health!

But health from a standpoint that looks at the optimal ways of living a healthy lifestyle. 157 more words

Hack Your Health

Packed Meal Now Trending With Feasta

If you have spent a good amount of time living in the city, you must have realized the difficulty of finding quality food. There are many delicious outlets around, but constantly eating from these outlets may render your health in bad shape. 170 more words


Sleep or Sex?

Sleeplessness? Losing weight? Low blood pressure? Regular pukes? Sudden faints? 

Tell me something, ever tried making a ‘record’ for not sleeping at all during your past nights? 392 more words


Children and Their Activities!!

I am a mother of three, son who is almost 9 years old, a daughter who is 5 and another daughter who is 10 months. My son has been involved in many different activities over the years including soccer, baseball, cub scouts and the new venture of Karate. 646 more words

Selling, Moving, Buying & Organising a First Birthday

It’s been an eventful few months that have been extremely busy, exciting and simultaneously exhausting. Who would have thought that I would be organising a first birthday, selling my house, buying a new one and moving all at once! 623 more words

The One About Practical Healthy Habits

Summer is upon us, with the kids around the house more than usual, now is a great time to establish some healthy habits for the entire family! 247 more words

A Growing Love For Christ

In my walk with Christ, my love for Him has been strongest when I spent a lot of quality time in prayer. When we spend time with God we are feeding our spiritual nature, and in turn we desire more of God. 77 more words