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Monday 30.11.15

Woke up to a horrible wet Monday morning had coffee and then went to work via the stables to muck out and feed Skye, had a very busy day in work and the weather did not improve at all as the day went on, came home and had dinner then we worked on Lynne’s paper work for her disciplinary meeting on Wednesday, which has been postponed by a email off her boss late this evening, Lynne had been asking for some really basic paper work and logs since Friday and they haven’t even looked at them let alone have them available to us, this is really turning into a farce, after that we watched some TV and got a early night


Aphorisms from business...

You cannot be in two places at once.

If two people are expecting you to be in two places at once, bring them together. They will either recognize their collective mistake or you’ll have to chose. 335 more words

Obsessive control freak

I have to admit this last month I’ve been struggling. I’ve been feeling really down and wallowing in self pity. I hate being like that and keep telling myself to snap out of it. 271 more words

It's ok to run out of steam

More than ever there is this pressure to be achieving goals, be busy all the time, and live life to the full.

Some days it’s OK to run out of steam and say ‘manana’ or other such phrases like ‘fu.. 142 more words


Ever dream of travelling?

Such a well-versed lesson with several action points by Pyco Iyer. Check it out on: TED Talk – The Art of Stillness.

Sometimes we tend to escape by travelling thousands of kilometers away from our localities. 230 more words