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I’m Busy

How often do you get that reply from some one?  How often do you give it yourself?  It seams we have moved from the traditional greeting of “how are you?” I’m good, how about you?” “yes I’m good to.  419 more words


The Importance of Community

Today ended up being a day filled with anxiety, congestion from a lingering head cold and general feelings of being overwhelmed.

I realized that I don’t think I’ve been alone since… July. 301 more words

Chelsie Bartley

The 4th and final semester of nursing school... Nursing Trends

I’m not gonna lie, with peds and critical care behind me, I thought all my challenges were done with. I was kinda wrong in this case. 347 more words


One year later. The 4th and final semester. The last Hoorah...

It was an amazing feeling. Surviving the toughest semester in nursing school despite working 32 hours a week, selling a house for the first time, and getting kicked out of my old home and moving into my own apartment. 476 more words



I have been soooooo busy
Like so so busy. I can’t express the busy.
I had a lot of work this week. And a lot of social too. 90 more words

Life Problems

The Importance of Domestic Cleaners for People with a Busy Lifestyle

It’s important to keep the home clean for a lot of reasons, but the most important among all is the health of your family. Many people know this but they can still get complacent, especially when other important things get in the way. 111 more words