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Poetry Day

Oh bother – it’s Poetry Day,
and here’s me with nothing to say.
I wish I could rhyme
but there’s simply no time –
not this week, anyway. 102 more words


Friday Five | 10.9.15

I’m typing this while lying back with my foot elevated, a cold pack around my bruised and battered ankle.
I don’t know why I thought moving a small piano by myself was a plausible idea, but it seemed doable at the time. 342 more words


I'm Back

Oh! Hi there, blog.

So sorry I haven’t written. I had a post I was trying to write about a photo shoot I was on, but it took a while to get me the pictures I was going to show you. 136 more words

Creative Non-fiction

I STILL wish my real name was Veronica...

Well I guess it has been a minute since I paid a visit here…or maybe 5 years.  I’m sorry.

No, I’m not…I was busy! Busy being a busy woman, a single mom, the head of a household, working a full time job, etc. 200 more words


An update: October 2015

I feel like I have not been keeping up with my blog. I am particularly failing at the Into Film Project as I am partly struggling to find the films and partly not having time to watch and review them, but I am vaguely on top of it! 511 more words



You know these days when you don’t leave your PC except for eating and sleeping because of the tremendous amount of work you have to finish?💻 Or maybe it’s just the life of a programmer?😅 92 more words


The Penultimate Step in the Beering

I have news! News which you would never guess! In fact, the title of this post doesn’t even come close to hinting at what my news is! 633 more words