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How much do you matter in this world?

How much do you tie your self-worth to the job that you do, or to how much money you have in the bank?

Do you hear your inner voice bashing you? 446 more words


Our Adventures This Week #27

Hello everyone!

I must say I don’t know how we ended up so busy this week! We have not stopped really since Tuesday morning!

Monday was a big day for us all as a family although myself and D didn’t do much except clean and play. 870 more words

Our Adventures This Week


Greetings from Taipei! So far I’ve already had two cups of 珍珠奶茶/PMT/boba, seen a bunch of bakeries, and asked a lot of questions in terrible Mandarin. 227 more words

Project ADD

I’m currently in a 2 month break from school. May and June are mine this year. In July I return with a summer class that will greatly cramp my style for 7 weeks and with any luck after that I’ll be starting nursing school. 497 more words


Am I Mad!!??

It’s the half term holiday here in the UK. That means we get a week off.

The kids recuperate, and the teachers try to dig the selves out of the marking pit, long enough to actually relax for a couple of days, before slipping straight back in! 143 more words


Friday 22.05.15

Really didn’t want to wake up this morning, had coffee and then cycled out to the RAF Memorial and checked on Skye, when home I found our chickens had laid some full size eggs, mmm egg on toast for breakfast and Lynne’s egg had a double yoke, had a fairly busy day in work and decided to have a take away for lunch which left me very sleepy this afternoon, came home had dinner which was all ready and prepared by Lynne, Cameron has gone camping for the weekend so it was just Heather and I this evening till Lynne finished work, we had a glass of cider while we chatted about our day and then got a early ish night

Every Day Stuff

Friday Round Up!

Well Hello End Of The Week!

Today has gone a bit of a slow tiring day, hence the late post but I have still got stuff done! 202 more words