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What's the rush?


It’s such a simple word, a simple concept. It’s a comma in time.

Yet in today’s fast moving world, the pause has accumulated an alternate meaning, becoming a sign of imperfect ability. 291 more words


Moving At Work

This week, my company is consolidating our two Orlando sites into a single building. We’ve already toured the facility and it’s quite nice, so we’re all very excited to move in next week. 402 more words

Whatchu Been Missin'

Some reads to keep me sane through the bleakness of in-between casting which goes on and on.

….Season General’s are super great…while doing them…then about 6 to 9 months later. 377 more words


a gratitude list

Greetings from this 92 degree weather.

The above photo illustrates how I feel about the temperature.

It is amazing me how quickly July flew by. I think part of it is due to my busy mind. 127 more words

A lovely but busy day....

Today we had a lovely but busy day. We started of by sorting our the Larder (I know that sounds so old fashioned!). I left DS and DD looking through the national trust book to decide where we should go this morning, they choose Emmett’s Garden, which is about 15 minutes drive from us. 215 more words


Sometimes You Just Need an Iced Coffee

It’s no secret that IcedCoffee is what keeps me standing upright! Between kids, and course work, housework and church “stuff” I seem to be running around most of the time.   251 more words


Well Good Afternoon To You!

I am amazed today!! The difference in fast wifi!!!!! I decided to do the Origami video for Fridays Origami today….Now I always upload it a few days early because it often runs into problems and can take up to 12 hours!! 259 more words