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The Best Intentions Are Not Justification For Intervention

One of the biggest false narratives coming from people on the right, are that those on the left are trying to ruin America. Whether it be political correctness, socialized health care (Single-payer) and/or retirement planning (Social Security), business regulations, social engineering, anti-discrimination laws…the list is a mile long of ways that these folks want to improve America in a very meaningful and altruistic way. 1,483 more words

Gary Nolan


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Character #8

The 8th characteristic of the virtuous woman is that she is HARDWORKING.


What I mean by hardworking is that the virtuous woman has taken full responsibility of all the duties expected of her, and she’s committed to ensuring that productive results are achieved. 359 more words


Status Update 17/02/20 @ 22:22

I wonder if people actually think about the implications when they say things to other people about what they should or shouldn’t do, like, are you going to be there to live with the consequences and results? 107 more words

Random Thoughts

Busyness and prayer

“That mighty preacher, Thomas Chalmers, was once pondering over why, in spite of all his efforts and enormous popularity, there was not more spiritual outcome to show for it all, and came to this conclusion that he was trusting to his ‘own animal heat and activity’ rather than to the Holy Ghost. 308 more words

D.O.F. #2 (GOALS!!!)

I think I need to get glasses perhaps they’ll make me invincible? Okay okay I know that’s not possible but For reals, I feel like being invincible on campus, don’t get me wrong o it’s not like I have a horde following me around or something, if anything that’s the opposite, it’s just so I can observe things better…. 560 more words


I have loved reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice since I first read it at age seventeen. Now I will be honest, I have not read any other works of Austen’s. 369 more words

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