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Nobody, Everybody, Somebody, Anybody

These four heads of Nobody, Everybody, Somebody and Anybody, forms a fifth head called a Busybody. The Busybody is always anxious after something about Somebody. He’ll keep company with Anybody to find out Everybody’s business; and is only at a loss when this head stops its pursuit, and Nobody will give him an answer. 90 more words


Donna Andrews / M.C. Beaton - Review Shots

Last week was absolutely crazy and I didn’t have a chance to write up reviews for the two books I read. So, here are two review “shots” (aka paragraph-length short reviews). 187 more words


Unsolicited Advice on Talking Dementia

As a staff member, volunteer, friend, and family member, I’ve spent a lot of time in seniors’ care homes. I like being there, but it is a challenging environment. 1,003 more words


This is me. At 25. I had just met my husband and we were starring in a college production of Busybody together. It was a brilliant time. 67 more words


The Interrupter

Katty Comment

The Interrupter

Everyone does it. Most of the time it’s not a big deal. Why would it be? But for the chronic interrupter it wears on everyone’s nerves. 186 more words

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Busybody: (n) a meddling or prying person.

There is a danger in turning vice, immorality or even sin into charactures so as to escape any referrence to these pieces of nastiness being associated with… 281 more words

B Words

Chinny Chin, Mind Your Manners, Dear

The milk is not spoiled and you did not spill a drop, so just you quit crying dear, run get the mop.

Now mop up those tears, little girl, they are not pretty. 303 more words

Schnit N Shnivalry