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back from an unintentional hiatus

HELLO, YOU LOVELIES. I’M SORRY I’VE BEEN ABSENT FOR SO LONG; IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL. I’ve been legitimately caught up in life, and it’s been both immensely stressful, as well as beautiful beyond belief. 532 more words

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Ready to Cheer for The Psychic

A post on the run for this week’s Lame Post Friday. Steven and I are about to leave for a real theatre party. Regular readers will recall that I recently appeared in… 217 more words


Stop, wait and think a little

I find it very valuable to have time excess. To not have to rush from one place to the other, frantically because if you miss one appointment your whole day is ruined. 400 more words

Will you shut up?

So basically, there’s a situation at my workplace. This guys is hilarious. He stares at people’s computer and then make comments on whatever is visible there, irregardless of its privacy. 234 more words

The Office Busybody

Why is it that every office has that one person that just has to stick their pointy little nose into every situation, project and conversation? The one that no matter how grammatically correct an e-mail chain is, they will find the extra space between a period and the beginning of the next sentence, or that the color code chosen for a spreadsheet is at 25% accent and not 40% which is more legible for some unknown reason- and then feel the need to report each and ever discrepancy to upper management? 443 more words


I Say: Better than Whiskey

OK, so we’re all agreed that it’s all right if I do foolish posts till the play is over on Sunday. Um, I may also need Monday to recover from the cast party. 265 more words


Break a Lame

I did say I might post late (and lame) so I could write about how the play went. Full disclosure: that isn’t the only reason. I was just too flustered earlier to write. 244 more words