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We have here

rats the size of Nutria

running and hiding in the walls of history

Sometimes, I think I’ll see one

asking out Mary Jane Evans… 91 more words

The Busybody Distraction

We all have opinions. I suspect that many of us have opinions about how other people might fix their lives, what it is they need to do and some of us interfere. 466 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

Busy bodies aka Haters

As sad as it is, some people just can’t help but be in someone else’s business. I’m sure you just thought of at least 3 people you know personally. 231 more words

Connections: October 28.17

The hen with the turquoise tail

and watchful ruby eye

busily bustles about

in no way subtle or shy.

Incredulous, unbelieving,

clucking at all she sees… 50 more words



Tell a tale from the heart –
For the whispers of such are the loudest.
No dust, no dirt, no words will be left out. 56 more words

Nobody, Everybody, Somebody, Anybody

These four heads of Nobody, Everybody, Somebody and Anybody, forms a fifth head called a Busybody. The Busybody is always anxious after something about Somebody. He’ll keep company with Anybody to find out Everybody’s business; and is only at a loss when this head stops its pursuit, and Nobody will give him an answer. 90 more words


Donna Andrews / M.C. Beaton - Review Shots

Last week was absolutely crazy and I didn’t have a chance to write up reviews for the two books I read. So, here are two review “shots” (aka paragraph-length short reviews). 187 more words