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Tell a tale from the heart –
For the whispers of such are the loudest.
No dust, no dirt, no words will be left out. 56 more words

Nobody, Everybody, Somebody, Anybody

These four heads of Nobody, Everybody, Somebody and Anybody, forms a fifth head called a Busybody. The Busybody is always anxious after something about Somebody. He’ll keep company with Anybody to find out Everybody’s business; and is only at a loss when this head stops its pursuit, and Nobody will give him an answer. 90 more words


Donna Andrews / M.C. Beaton - Review Shots

Last week was absolutely crazy and I didn’t have a chance to write up reviews for the two books I read. So, here are two review “shots” (aka paragraph-length short reviews). 187 more words


Unsolicited Advice on Talking Dementia

As a staff member, volunteer, friend, and family member, I’ve spent a lot of time in seniors’ care homes. I like being there, but it is a challenging environment. 1,003 more words


This is me. At 25. I had just met my husband and we were starring in a college production of Busybody together. It was a brilliant time. 67 more words


The Interrupter

Katty Comment

The Interrupter

Everyone does it. Most of the time it’s not a big deal. Why would it be? But for the chronic interrupter it wears on everyone’s nerves. 186 more words

Katty Comment


Busybody: (n) a meddling or prying person.

There is a danger in turning vice, immorality or even sin into charactures so as to escape any referrence to these pieces of nastiness being associated with… 281 more words

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