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Surviving Football Season

A couple of days ago I was unbuckling Charlee when she looked up at me and said, “Daddy’s never coming back.” “What?” I was so confused. 1,118 more words



I’m tired…and it’s only Thursday (feel free to substitute any day of the week except Friday).

How many times do we find that this becomes part of our vernacular? 516 more words

Daily Battles

In the rush of the day
I cannot be found
As the whirlwind of duties
Undoes me
Lost in the tempest
Of daily to-do’s
I’m a hardworking ship… 39 more words


Mid year 

Mid year

All warmth

And buzz

Can’t say

What was

A blur

Of colour

Of joy

And whatnot

Time goes

The sun rose

Who knows… 81 more words


On Busyness

Being busy is a funny thing.

We like to say we are, we complain we are, we create it for ourselves. It is the standard answer to ‘how are you?’ for some, and a badge of martyrdom for many. 937 more words


With or Without You?

The air carried a hint this morning. The trees can no longer hide it. It’s coming.

Fall. The season of football and cider is cresting the horizon. 415 more words

Yes and No

“Burnout is not reserved for the rich or the famous or the profoundly successful.  It’s happening to so many of us, people across all kinds of careers and lifestyles.

1,450 more words