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I STILL wish my real name was Veronica...

Well I guess it has been a minute since I paid a visit here…or maybe 5 years.  I’m sorry.

No, I’m not…I was busy! Busy being a busy woman, a single mom, the head of a household, working a full time job, etc. 200 more words


31 Days: When only one thing is needed

The day started badly, thoughts swirling and coiling in on each other and spiralling down into a place of shadows and dark corners. Challenging conversations, looming deadlines and a lot of work to be done. 370 more words


An autumn walk

I’m on the way in to central London this morning, a short journey from home to meet someone. I’ve left in good time, and as I step out of the door the autumn sun, reflected from the windows on the other side of the street, catches me with its warmth. 378 more words


The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness

The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness
by Tim Chester
Available from 10 of Those

I only realised that I’d already read this book nearly ten years ago when I recognised its former book cover in preparing to write this review.   591 more words


Quiet please...

Jumbled thoughts, rapid fire pace.
Beautiful individually, all together a tangled mess
Overstepping boundaries, shouting, cutting each other off mid stream
Breathe… slowly… breathe, focus… 163 more words

Midweek Meditation: When Rushing Gets in the Way of Life

Yesterday I was washing dishes when I suddenly dropped one of my mugs and it shattered all over the kitchen floor. (To be honest I may have also been having a private dance party since I had the apartment to myself, but I’m convinced that’s not the reason I dropped it.) I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when I realized that I was in such a hurry to wash the dishes that I wasn’t even paying attention to what I was doing.  140 more words

Midweek Meditation

From irritating to mattering

I’m sitting at my desk, opening the mail. It’s been a long day. It still feels to me that there’s much to do.

The phone rings. 338 more words