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Honor, Mother: Beyond the Busy

What do you think of when you think of Mother’s Day? Maybe if you’re a Christian, the fifth commandment comes to mind.

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

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There Is More

Too busy for Jesus? Luke 10:38-42

We are looking at Luke 10:38-42, which tells the familiar story of Martha and Mary and a dinner party.

This story has a lot to say, from several different angles. 1,620 more words


Introverts in the Wild

I can name your species and spot you anywhere. It’s because I do all the same things you do. My wife and I went to a poetry workshop this weekend where the room was laid out with round tables. 57 more words


How to kiss your ‘BUSYNESS’ goodbye!

Nov 12, 2015

This decade has a new motto and that motto is ‘busy’.

Filling our lives with ‘busy’ seems to be essential for demonstrating effectiveness and worth in today’s world, but it doesn’t necessarily mean productive or effective. 584 more words


What I've Learned: April 2016

For me, “learning” is a dual combination of experiencing something  new (or seeing something old in a fresh, new way) and then taking time to be still, reflect, and internalize these moments or lessons I’ve encountered for my personal growth. 405 more words


Open Doors

Today I walked.  Tired, but

oh how I do miss that.

The wind blew everything off

the face of the earth yesterday

so everyone was out today- 85 more words



a gift to heal


outrageous fortune.

Doing more

only prolongs

the agony &

blocks the healing


We’ve done.

Now’s time

to take it in, 8 more words