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Check Up

Max went to the vet today for his yearly check up. He seemed to be a mix of excited to go somewhere and see new people, but also anxious to be in a fairly unfamiliar place. 465 more words

Tune Out...by Tuning In

When we decided to turn off the television for one week last year, at first it seemed like an eternity. We dithered through the house stone faced, with the silence of a mortuary filling the air. 421 more words


A walk on the beach

Wouldn’t it be great to swap the busyness of city life for a walk on beach?

Is Your Life out of Balance?

Quit being busy.  Quit that incessant need to do-do-do, go-go-go.  It is a disease that will kill you faster than smoking.

Busyness is not your business and has nothing to do with productivity or living well. 185 more words


Was Jesus a pebble thrower?

Jesus didn’t cast stones. But did He throw pebbles?

When I look at Jesus through a pebble thrower lens, I am struck by the way He responded to—and… 506 more words

Acts Of Love

Frantic Living

Here’s a quote that’s worth sitting and pondering. And if you don’t have time to sit and reflect on it, well maybe that tell’s you something… 10 more words

Theological Musings