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Softened Tones

Often, the softened tones remain in anonymity

Waking up resembles a hasty ritual to confront life

Slumbering soul cannot fathom the hastening tales

Anecdotes scamper through chronicles of existence… 50 more words


Learning To Sit Still

It’s an icy mess outside. We’ve been getting freezing rain at the house since last night, our version of the storm that has been pounding the Heartland over the last couple days. 612 more words

Escaping our smartphone dependency

We human beings are profoundly shaped by, and drawn out from ourselves, by the things that are around us. And the smartphones that most of us carry are purposefully designed with this in mind. 835 more words


Death by Trivia

I once had a dishonest landlord. Every time I talked to him, he would tell me at least one lie. I think maybe it was his way of staying grounded in landlord reality. 1,803 more words

Sometimes You Just Gotta Sit Still

Max loves sitting still.

Wait. Scratch that, reverse it.

Max hates sitting still.

Probably because when he does sit still, stuff like this happens to him. 615 more words

Lets talk...the work can get done later.

This week I have spent most of my days talking with people.  I actually didn’t get as much work accomplished.  I suppose most some think we have a great day when we have a list to accomplish each day. 361 more words


Consecrated Time

This poem by Cindy Powell really resonated with me.  One thing I’m looking to in Heaven is “no time”, i.e., no clocks or watches because “who cares?”  But for now, I have to care, and sometimes that caring lapses over into, well…we all know.   328 more words
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