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8 Days A Week

Not long ago, an otherwise ordinary Tuesday became, for me, unimaginably beautiful as I observed “Take Your Granddaughter to Work Day.” Don’t bother to check your calendar or add it as a repeat event for years to come. 988 more words

Intimacy With God

Busy Weekend?

Two birthday parties beckon me this weekend…one for an eight-year-old great-granddaughter, and the other for a one-year-old great-grandson. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s just busy enough to keep you happy and relaxing enough to give you rest. Happy

Stress is a Heart Condition

Riding the wave of peace and tranquility from Friday I awoke on Saturday and hurried to the grocery store to pick up supplies for the morning’s Brown Bag Ministry. 829 more words


Where is my joy?

Almost a month into my senior year of college, I am finding myself nearly burnt out. This past month has sort of felt like a whirlwind from all of the events, activities, classes, rehearsals, etc. 500 more words

hiatus - September 20

hiatus. pause.

step away.

to reconnoiter

the inside of feelings

empty times,

hours, thoughts

left intentionally


to see what will emerge

end, begin, cross… 8 more words


Why You Need to Stop Being Busy and Waste Time with God

I’m a preacher and the stereotype for preachers is that we like to hear ourselves speak. It’s different when I am alone. When I am alone I grow tired of my inner voice. 707 more words

Peace is Data-Free

I loaned my daughter my iPhone for her field trip today, reluctantly I’ll admit, but it turned out to be a great gift to myself. It is beautiful on this Friday with just the slightest hint of autumn in the air. 1,074 more words