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I Love Sick Days

I know that I’m not supposed to enjoy them. But I do. I love everything about them…except the laundry involved.

I get to under-commit. When people ask me to come out, I have a socially acceptable reason to hole up with my little people. 298 more words

One Life

Daily dose of inspiration and motivation

As a mom of six children and as a wife I am busy.  In my downtime I love to read the blogs of others that are faith-based stories about real life. 272 more words

Knowing/Doing/Being (5 min. read)

Three is a powerful number.
The Greeks had The Three Graces—beauty, mirth and elegance. In Christianity, three is The Trinity—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And, from a numerology perspective, three is connected to inspiration, kindness, compassion, energy, and joy. 660 more words


The Negative Loop From Hell

Life has been feeling pretty overwhelming lately. If I haven’t given out that vibe, just look back at the fluffy blog posts I’ve been publishing, trying to avoid talking about it. 474 more words



“I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.”
― Todd Stocker


Like rich meals savored by candle glow, 213 more words

Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About A (Really) Big Problem

Kevin DeYoung

We’re all busy. There seems to not be enough time at the end of the day.  We want to be effective, involved and helpful, but there isn’t enough time to cram all the opportunities or responsibilities into a 24 hour day.  233 more words


Kindness Heals.

All I can say is that this has been a rough week. Sunday I sat in the car shop for 6 hours after church and paid over $300, a very unanticipated expense. 236 more words