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May Mayhem: the 5 things I learned

May was a little crazy wasn’t it? End of the year celebrations and preparations for the fall school year all clash in one month. I am ready for the rhythm of slow with no-where to be by 8am each day thank you very much. 643 more words


Busyness & Connection Can Not Coexist.

What is it about being busy that is acceptable…almost glorified?  You can’t take time to read a great new article at work, you should do that on your “own time”. 203 more words


Busy, Busy...

“How are you?”

I’ve noticed, that, besides the usual “Good, thanks,” or “Not too bad. How about you?” a common answer is “Busy!”

Now, most people are… 376 more words


How to Refocus Yourself

Or, how I overcame my fear and frustration of a crazy busy life season and found my focus once more.

It’s easy to lose focus, isn’t it? 1,487 more words


When You Feel Like Crap

For those in our twenties who don’t know the answer to the question: “What am I doing with my life?”

  1. Life isn’t a race.
    Whether you’re at the bottom of the occupational ladder, are just starting grad school, or haven’t graduated yet from undergrad, it’s not about who makes it to the top the fastest.
  2. 842 more words

The Not Busy Day

I’ve been a bit busy lately, which is why I’ve also been a bit quiet on the megoracle front.

Today, however, has been a very rare not-busy day. 858 more words


Social Media Pressure

So another month has just whizzed by and I am still, sadly, in the exact same position as I was the last time I blogged. 311 more words