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Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung ~ A Book Review

It will perhaps become the greatest crime of the last century. The thievery of our time. It’s stolen so quickly, that we don’t often realize it until much later. 696 more words


Locking Eyes

I am learning so such from being a mum. My all time favourite moments are those with my little Pearl that cause me to stop, breathe and take in the beauty of the moment. 750 more words


Screamers and Ignorers

The rise of relativism, liberalism, and an unending quest for “happiness” and “freedom” has had somewhat of a positive consequence of allowing people to be more “themselves.” People are more able to bare their souls – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 732 more words


Doing and Being in Elderhood

In his book What are Old People For?, Dr. Bill Thomas says: “Simple observation has led me to see life as a dynamic and unfolding interplay between the states of doing and being.” According to Thomas, doing occurs “when we come into relationship with and manipulate the visible, material world that surrounds us.” Thus, doing produces results. 496 more words


Take A Moment from your To-Do List

Why is it that were so bogged down with responsibilities that we don’t have time to calm our hearts? Our productivity level may be through the roof but our bodies and minds are tense and more often than not, we don’t take as much time to communicate with God. 354 more words

Writing By A College Girl

Things I Learned in Seminary (Part 1)

With graduation coming up and my senior testimony just around the corner, I began to reflect upon the past 3½ years. After a long journey, I have finally finished the M.Div at The Master’s Seminary. 1,231 more words


Healthy, Wealthy and ...

We spend lots of time and energy in keeping ourselves healthy. We watch what we eat and how much we exercise. Periodically, we monitor various health metrics and get our blood checks done to ensure that all is well. 1,037 more words