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What I Miss the Most

I miss being able to process. Having moments of silence.

I just need (many, many) moments to let life pass by without my drum beating… 159 more words

There Is More


Swimming hard against the current

running barefoot in wet sand

legs straining



always moving

afraid to stop

to breathe

What demons will catch up with me… 75 more words


Too Busy?

Passing along a little something to ponder….


Still Unique Photography

Can You Relate?

Recently, I heard a sermon at church, and it really kicked me in the pants. This message, along with a number of other pieces falling into place at just the right time, got me thinking about how I use my time. 645 more words


Busyness Business

Before we begin, I need to ask you a question, one that no one has probably ever asked you. How much do you like your toes? 2,053 more words

how well do you juggle?

Does it seem that in your personal and vocational life that it is a juggling act? We all fill so many different roles that sometimes it is hard to remember “which way is up”! 70 more words


Minimalism ~ I'm Not Busy

Am I usually doing something productive or worthwhile? Yes, and everything I do is a choice.

I used to feel busy. I was harried and frazzled. 10 more words