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The perversion of copyrighting food

We all have to eat, don’t we?

Well, at least those of us who are still allowed to stay alive, apparently with the sole purpose of helping big capital make more money… Because even basic human needs such as food have become a new profitable market for global conglomerates posing as philanthropist entities. 450 more words

But Seriously...

I’m afraid of a world run by adults who were never spanked as kids and got trophies just for participating.


(( I wonder how many people don’t rp with me since I don’t do fancy formatting lmao

Like wtf did someone crawl out from 2007 gaiaonline to tumblr and decide to shit sparkles and boarders all over their posts last year and ya’ll ate it up to compensate for something. 214 more words

Just some revelations, nbd

Adventure. We’re all looking for it, aren’t we? Well, except for those fortunate few who find contentment in routine, who somehow have all they want without any searching at all. 234 more words


Only Forward.

Ya know, I usually have a big New Year’s post – it seems that’s my habit – filled with things that will hopefully occur in the coming year. 123 more words



No for real in 2k15

Can fandom bring back the concept of a squick

A “squick” was a trope or topic that made the reader deeply uncomfortable, even might cause anxiety or intense emotional reactions…

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So, I own a legit #Leica camera and Lentar lens now. I don’t want to stop looking at it ever. 😍