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The Silent History

Who are we without our words?


Let us eat lunch in respectful disregard.

So I let myself think it and then I put it away. 35 more words

But Seriously...

Fire in the Ashes

Find ways to support the most vulnerable and in need.

I was ashamed of the United States for placing any father in this situation and for the rigidity of policies that would penalize a child, only ten years old, born here in our nation and a citizen by right, by rendering his father an illegal. 102 more words

But Seriously...

Nice shit my friends said about me

One intellectual and caring woman that thrives on individuality and boldly resisting medians.

You are thoughtful, analytical, compassionate, independent, insightful, astute, fun, balanced, contemplative, aware… 35 more words

But Seriously...

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Thought it would be light and chill. Shit got heavy.

But Seriously...

The Teen Whisperer

Moral of the story: don’t have kids. Ever. Just don’t.

“We all need some anchor, something we can count on when it feels as if everything else is about to fly apart and scatter in every direction.” 112 more words

But Seriously...

Sloth Blog Jumps on the Twitter Wagon

Better late than never…

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D. Allan Kerr

The Keeper of Lost Causes

All this brother and sister shit has me feeling weak.

Now these:

“All in all, it had been a real shitty day.”

“He couldn’t fathom how the local citizenry could afford to bring kids into the world.” 35 more words

But Seriously...