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That Would Be Bad

You know, yesterday’s joking aside, it’s good thing that I was only playing at being paranoid instead of being actually paranoid.  Can you imagine what the reaction of someone truly convinced they were being monitored would have been if… 10 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

For that one moment

Damn son…. sick burn.

Boku No Hero Academia

Drain The Swamp Or Waive That Pledge?

Trump shouts one while doing the other

The following text was excerpted from a May 31 article in The Washington Post. (Art and links added by Sloth.) 357 more words

But Seriously...

Goodnight Moon

Since my last post, there’s been a few life changes I should probably update you on…

In the last month or so, I got a job offer in NYC (a couple actually), signed a contract, popped a bottle of champagne, found a roommate, signed a sublease, popped a bottle of champagne, pitched my last game, finished my softball career (this will be its own post someday…), cried a lot, turned in my last college assignment, popped a bottle of champagne, graduated college, and popped a (few more) bottle(s) of champagne. 390 more words

But Seriously

How To Feel Less Broken

Word to the wise: If you are struggling with depression, maybe don’t spend 70 hours in one week interviewing people about what it is like to live with mental illness. 2,491 more words


This is a true story

It’s been a long time since I talked about this. For so long, my recollection of these events has felt like someone else’s life. But the truth is that for about a year between the ages of 16 and 18, I was in an abusive relationship. 639 more words

Time Teller In Chief

“I think we’ve had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency.” – Donald Trump, April 6

“The presidential inauguration took place on Friday, Jan. 51 more words

But Seriously...