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There he goes

Yesterday was a huge day for me. A day I’ve been dreading and worrying about for months.

Yesterday F started playgroup.
From now on, every Friday morning I will drop him off there after I’ve taken O to school and I will pick him back up after lunch. 754 more words


Love Will Grow From My Grief, But I Will Never Be Complicit

When terror and disbelief tug at me daily, my logical brain tells me neither online arguments with those who disagree with me or pity party echo-chambers with those who do will do serve any purpose other than momentary moral vindication of some sort. 868 more words

Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins

Link to song

This song holds nothing but good memories for me. My father has always been a massive Phil Collins fan (I suppose that’s what you get from being in your twenties during the 80’s) and from a young age I have grown up listening to his music myself. 465 more words


thirty...so what now?

the roaring 20’s. they’re gone. forever. this was the first birthday i’ve had so far where i truly felt aged and old. i mean, i turned 30 and went to cabo san lucas for my joint bachelorette trip and birthday with my best friend. 172 more words


22 more weeks

I have another 22 weeks to put off becoming adult. Another 22 to live less than 2 streets away from my friends. Another 22 filled with making plans 5 seconds in advance.  171 more words

Penny Thoughts

flotation device; or, another gloomy poem

one time,

before all this,

i came across a thoughtful cartoon

that said that if you were reading by a pool

and you felt someone splashing you, you’d probably be annoyed, 411 more words


Standing there alone

Dear dads in the playground,

I see you standing there and I know by your body language that you feel a bit awkward and out of place. 836 more words