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”I want that real love,

dark skinned and Aunt Viv love,

That Lahiri and Castellano love

..that leave a toothbrush at your crib love
And you ain’t gotta wonder whether that’s your kid love” 14 more words

Come September

Dear O,

I don’t write about you as much as I should, but the truth is that you’ve never given me a whole lot of trouble. 709 more words

On growing up

Yesterday marked a pivotal moment in my adult life. Yesterday I had to admit that I am getting older. Not old, because I’m not even 30 yet and it would be ridiculous for me to consider myself “old”, but there’s no denying the fact that I’m not exactly “young” anymore either. 678 more words

So Near and Yet So Far.............

Eversince I was a young boy, many many moons ago, I have always believed that I am destined for greatness.   Greatness is such a vague term though.  264 more words


My yoga journey 

This is a post about my yoga journey so far. Essentially, this isn’t a parenting post. But it kind of is a bit too, because I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my outlook along the way. 530 more words


Most of the time I look at F and I think that you’d never know he’d ever struggled. You’d never know that there was a time when he spent whole days just screaming in pain. 682 more words

To be honest

I want to be clear about the purpose of this post: I am not here to argue with anyone. I am here to be honest. Nothing more and certainly – always – nothing less. 434 more words