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To my childhood crush, on his birthday

And just like the song in a seashell, you’ll be stuck in my mind bouncing around in my head
-Brad Paisley, Beat This Summer

To my favorite stub collector, 426 more words

But Seriously...

Lush and young girls

So recently I got a new part time job working as a sales assistant at Lush Oxford Street, which is probably the most exciting job I’ve ever had. 1,170 more words


Wine down Wednesdays

Honey, honey, I know that you’re lettin’ me go
– Marvin Gaye, I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Sometimes you have to be reminded of your power. Also, fuck that joker.

But Seriously...

chart illustrating how the computer programming field is male-centric, overwhelmingly white, and completely lacking in basic liberal arts education

Can you say microaggression? This list comprises just some of the words I’ve had to teach my phone and which my computer also red-underlines. No, of course a programmer or a program cannot possibly know all words ever and of course, language evolves all the time. 99 more words


I Begeth Thee

This post is dedicated to my brother, wherever he may be.

Flush the toilet. It’s not that hard.

Stop burping, please.

And, last but not least, quit criticizing me about my girl.


Strangers become friends and then strangers again…
– Van Hunt, The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets

There are some people that when they’re not in your life anymore it makes no difference. 76 more words

But Seriously...


This is how life should be lived.

But Seriously...