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I need to take a break

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you probably already know what this post is about. You’ve probably seen me agonising over making the “right” choice, wondering aloud if I should take a step back. 541 more words

For my sons 

Dear O and F,

Lately I’ve realised that I didn’t bring you into the world that I thought I had. I had so much hope when you were both born, but then things seemed to change. 572 more words

Make ‘Un-American’ Denigration Again

Madonna the latest slammed with the slur
By The Editor

Once again, the name train has stopped at the station – in this instance, a radio station – where passengers on the left side of the trolley griping about the current political itinerary are branded as “un-American” by those self-patented patriots on the right side of the car. 910 more words

But Seriously...

Dishonest Media Insults Inauguration

Sleazy, slimy, clueless, crooked Fourth Estate disparages The Donald. Says Prez Trump did not have best words on amazing first day. Sad!

(How many characters was that?) 982 more words

But Seriously...

There he goes

Yesterday was a huge day for me. A day I’ve been dreading and worrying about for months.

Yesterday F started playgroup.
From now on, every Friday morning I will drop him off there after I’ve taken O to school and I will pick him back up after lunch. 754 more words


Love Will Grow From My Grief, But I Will Never Be Complicit

When terror and disbelief tug at me daily, my logical brain tells me neither online arguments with those who disagree with me or pity party echo-chambers with those who do will do serve any purpose other than momentary moral vindication of some sort. 868 more words

Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins

Link to song

This song holds nothing but good memories for me. My father has always been a massive Phil Collins fan (I suppose that’s what you get from being in your twenties during the 80’s) and from a young age I have grown up listening to his music myself. 465 more words