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The organic movement...smh

The organic movement is a great idea in theory. Happy animals prancing around grassy meadows, fruit and veggies growing perfectly from all that rain and the rays of sunshine from high above. 638 more words


Mikes BFFE Jay taught us how to make pork butt! He kindly made it for us a few weeks ago and we kept going back for seconds and thirds.   178 more words

Meat Cutting and Butchering in The Philippines

The word butchering, as opposed to the more acceptable meat cutting, has been a very unpopular term for most people thanks to the movie industry. Slaughtering can also be a rather unpleasant word for most people. 702 more words


QC Butcher Says Chicken & Eggs "Safe To Eat" In Light of Bird Flu

How will the H5N2 Virus – known as “Bird Flu” – impact your health and your wallet?

On Friday, April 24th, 2015, WQAD asked Tony Ceurvorst of Jerry’s Meat Market those questions regarding chicken and eggs. 266 more words



So many memories…

We didn’t need the shops to be open – there were options attached to the exterior walls: BeechNut chewing gum machines, Kit-Kat machines, and cigarette machines. 294 more words


China: Dog Meat Dog With A Tumor

China: Dog Meat Dog With A Tumor

The poor dog in the photograph is suffering with a tumor, yet he’s still for sale for human consumption, 495 more words

Poster in Front of a Lisbon Butcher

Is it just me or does it look like the cow is saying: WTF?

My friend Erin when she saw this said: Everything about this picture is wrong… 15 more words

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