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Schlachtfest: The Slaughter

Spoiler alert: this is about slaughtering and butchering. Obviously, there’s gonna be some graphic pics. If you’re veggie/vegan, I’d probably stop reading now. Jus’ saying. 1,241 more words


Grinding my Gears

When I look at all of the tools I’ve acquired for the kitchen over the years, the one that is probably the most indispensable is my grinder. 416 more words


If You Eat, Read These Books

So often information comes out that is misguided or outright wrong. Sometimes so wrong that it takes volumes to correct. Sometimes I come across books that would help with the fear many feel about their food, or the questions about the food supply. 321 more words

Eating Healthy

When the Work Begins

Hunting has taken me to some of the most beautiful moments in my life. It also brings with it the necessity of a spirit unwavered by less than beautiful tasks. 851 more words

And then there were 7. (Now the flock looks really small.)

Warning: This post contains descriptions (but no pictures) of butchering and processing chicken. Please feel free to skip it if it’s not useful to you. Thanks for stopping by. 585 more words


I am Running a Factory Farm

Okay, not really. The chickens are just hanging out in their coop because it’s super cold out. But I feel like I’m running a factory farm, because the coop is not that big (it’s not that I have too many chickens. 318 more words