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No Refrigerator? No Problem!: Preserving and Storing Meat in the 1700s

It’s easy to take our refrigerators for granted.  There they sit in our kitchens quietly keeping our food safe to eat and making our lives quite easy.  1,062 more words

George Washington's Ferry Farm


A few nights ago, some critter got our chickens.  The coop latches had been chewed off, the door pulled down. 

Bobcats are neat and artistic in their massacres. 332 more words

The Boat

Rugspek, Kyljysselkä and Other Choice Pork Cuts

I’ve had the itch to cook ribs the last few days, which is frustratingly at odds with this week’s meal plans. So to scratch that itch, I’ve been doing some research into ribs to fill the void. 260 more words

Journal Entry

Bacon Decision Made

There was no feasible way to divide the pen with the amount of snow in there and it wouldn’t have solved the issue of two of the Mean Girls starving out the boar, so… 213 more words

up/down day

what a day. at times, i was happy and optimistic, and other times, dejected and annoyed. let’s begin.


The rolling barrel feeder does not work in the mud or snow and as a result of using the gravity hog feeder for the winter, these guys have become pretty large. 70 more words