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February is for Butchering

We are currently being held in the icy grip of February, a memorably cold February.  Sunday night’s temp is going to be in the negatives!  But I’m not too unhappy about it.   176 more words

Pig Nest

This past Sunday, we finally finished the last two pigs from our original Gang of 14.

We really should have finished them sooner, but time hadn’t been cooperating. 580 more words

Day 12: Principles of Meat 2

Woke up today not feeling my best. Grumpy. Tired even after a night of sleep. Stomach feeling gross. Dreams of chicken slaughter all night.

It was not a hard decision to make. 616 more words


Day 11: Principles of Meat 1

I have been wanting to taste a real steak.

Steak fascinates me from a nutritional perspective; it is naturally full of B-vitamins, iron, and of course, protein. 803 more words


Day 10 - Butchering

Scrunching my face from the furious flecks of snow that are beginning to come down, I rush out of the dentist’s office, pull on the easy black handle, open the door, and slide in across the charcoal leather seats. 1,158 more words


Day 8 - Poultry

Today was no cake walk.

Today was Poultry Part 1.

Excited? Yes. I’ve never cooked with poultry before. And while I don’t eat it, our recipes looked awesome. 1,324 more words


Jan.26th, scrapple

I love scrapple ! I was raised on it. There was scrapple festivals, go to an auction and you would find a scrapple sandwich. Took a pig to the butchers ,you would be sure to have scrapple in with the rest of the packages of pork . 978 more words