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Diaries of a Texan Traveller – pt. 8

A verbatim record of a diary I wrote while visiting friends (Paul & Rice) in Austin, Texas during the Easter holidays of my second year at University in 1994.   327 more words

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Cherub: Maximum Security - Robert Muchamore. Reviewed by butt head (12)

Cherub maximum security is the third book of the cherub series. In the book the main character James has to go to Arizona max (a prison in Arizona) to get close to a prisoner there called Curtis oxford so they can escape and find his criminal mother Jane oxford and bring her to justice. 59 more words

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The pejorative nickname of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) given to him by his obnoxious older brother Wayne Arnold (Jason Hervey) on the sitcom THE WONDER YEARS/ABC/1988-93. 62 more words


Another silly caption contest...

Donald tRump…

I hope he doesn’t stick his tongue out…

Bad breath…

Is she getting ready to take a trump?


There, I started you off, now it’s your turn.


Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)

I am 32 years old at the time of this writing. To my amazement and chagrin, that ‘generation gap’ I always heard about has split open. 1,000 more words