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Colombian Plastic Surgery, Diets, and My Personal Struggles

I had this epiphany in Cali. It’s like one day everything clicked and I realized all of the huge Colombian derrières are fake, everyone (or it seems like) has plastic surgery. 1,628 more words

Silicone Butt Injections Land K.Michelle In Surgery

K. Michelle is opening up about her struggle with silicone butt injections, a popular method for many women to get that big phat booty. Cardi B just revealed that when she was stripping she paid $800 for silicone injections from a woman in a basement, and despite widespread leakage, she went back for a touch-up. 505 more words

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Cardi B Talks About Her Butt Injections Side Effects

Cardi B is on a high as she celebrates the release of her debut album and the announcement of her pregnancy, but she remembers a time when she was a stripper, envious of other women’s big backsides. 206 more words

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The "Fat Ass" Movement

cami creams

I remember me before I was 10 years old, and I was a skinny girl. Literally, I had no meat on my bones. Once I hit the 6th grade, I started getting my monthly menstrual cycle. 893 more words

K. Michelle Has Her Butt Injections Removed On 'Dr. Oz'

K. Michelle underwent surgery to remove her butt injections and the whole thing was filmed as a segment for “Dr. Oz,” airing today (Feb. 27). 416 more words

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How Far Are You Willing To Go For The Body Of Your Dreams?

I came across Jenelle Salazar’s testimony (a fitness guru) who shared her butt injection story, on social media. There are so many other women who decided to go under the knife but Jenelle is one of the few who bravely admitted getting her body done.  44 more words

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