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Kristin Cavallari Shares Husband Jay Cutler's Naked Butt on Instagram [NSFW Pic]

Well, this is something you don’t see everyday.  Jay Cutler’s butt.

I guess now that he’s a free agent, he’s REALLY a “free” agent.  The former Chicago Bears quarterback literally showed his back side when his wife, actress Kristin Cavallari, posted a vacation photo on Instagram of his fanny. 89 more words


Photo: Teen Tattoos Ryan Reynolds Name On His Butt

A teenager said that if Ryan Reynolds liked his status, he’d tattoo Ryan’s name on his butt??!!

What some people won’t do for a little slice of fame… A teenager named Dustin recently tattooed Ryan Reynolds’ name on his butt because the actor favored one of his tweets!

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Dirty dog

The dirty dog involves your abs, butt, and hips. It´s a great exercise to prepare the body for activity.

Come to a hands and knees position. 100 more words



One of my happy faces.

“Depiction: Representation in image form.”

My bicycle face.


A happy face.

Maybe my butt hurts.


It’s still a very happy face.

Life Chatter

This Week In Bullsh*t Beauty: Glitter On Your Butt Cheeks

Beauty trends may come and go — but the truly memorable ones leave you with horrible rashes and infections that you will never forget.

A U.K.-based body art company, called… 323 more words


Tracer cosplay by Jessica Nigri

From the game Overwatch

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Try Not To Look Foolish While Attempting The Latest Internet Craze, The Booty Flip Challenge!

College student Sydney Vermilyea wanted help going viral.

The 18-year-old shared a video on Twitter that combines two popular internet challenges into one, which she has dubbed the #BootyFlipChallenge.   109 more words