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It’s glute day tomorrow! It was going to be today, but my body was too sore. I’m trying this crazy thing where I don’t overwork myself. 160 more words

January 19th, 2018

I worked out today. My glutes. It was hard.

I’ve really noticed a difference when I don’t eat enough vs. when I do. I have more energy. 126 more words

New Tattoo...

This may not be the place to post this, but it relates to the nuclear crew. As you may or may not know, I have a tattoo of Hank Hill on my right butt cheek. 41 more words



I have learned research is important.

Because I am doing this all wrong.

I can’t lift like I used to. I can’t eat like I used to. 145 more words

Cloud of pain

In my short time as a volunteer at an animal sanctuary it has really tested what I thought I knew about animals.  Which is good from a professional point of view, you can only learn from going through the worst experiences.  843 more words


Ekphrastic Haiku

perfect canvas to display
aria from hell

Trish Hopkinson shared the submission call for this ekphrasis anthology. A friend shared a list of out-dated words we should bring back to our vocabulary and callipygian was one of the words. 91 more words

Workout Habits

My workout habits were all kinds of messed up for the past year. An hour or more of cardio, an hour of weight lifting and an hour of core. 213 more words