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Future Sex: Emily Witt on new ways of understanding porn, marriage and love

Emily Witt’s Future Sex, an investigation of modern love and sex, offers a measured perspective on the often frenzied demands of mid-30’s dating. After becoming single again at 30, Witt began exploring the trappings of digital-era relationships and searched for new ways of expressing sexuality, which lead her to experience – among other things – orgasm workshops, a BDSM film set, a polyamorist party and online porn, all the while rethinking her expectations of marriage, commitment and sex.

Adventures In Exercise

Spin class, anyone? I have discovered your dirty little secret you Spin Class Divas. I fully understand how you suck people into your little cult. I went in to the room a virgin, in more than one way, and came out not needing another cervical exam for at least the next 4 years. 553 more words

Her butt's gone to sleep

We have a lot of work to do today.

We really do, so let’s get on and get it done.

Yes, let’s.

I’m proud of you for getting over this well. 264 more words

Upper body (breast) and lower body (butt) exercises to help in toning and a firm shape for women

There are two major exercises that could help in the development of the upper and lower body in women which would be highlighted below.

The appearance of your chest can be improved with exercises that tighten and firm the muscles beneath and around your breasts which helps in lifting and toning it. 437 more words

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Just as we are

I work at an upscale outdoor store where we are highly trained in customer service not just because we want to sell really expensive stuff but because we genuinely like our customers and want to be helpful.  966 more words

Tutti Frutti Beach Booty

It’s almost summer and you know what that means! Beaches, popsicles, bbq and BIKINIS!   I recently got back from Tulum, Mexico with my bestie, Jessica, and there wasn’t one day we didn’t wear our bikinis. 837 more words