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C is for?!

Before we begin, how many of you were scared of monsters as kids? (Be honest, guys!)
Yes, yes, we all were. But, didn’t we all love that cute, singing Monster. 232 more words


Birthday Girl

Dear Amis,

Would you look at that, we have a new Princess of England! Born on May 1st to us, May 2nd to them. I am so excited! 320 more words


Dear Amis,

If only life could always be as sweet as it is when we go to the cafe bakery, Butter. Situated in the MacKenzie Heights neighbourhood, Butter sits in full buttery glory. 249 more words

Review of 'Butter Baked Goods'

Butter Baked Goods by Rosie Daykin is currently number 1 on Amazon‘s Best Dessert Baking bestsellers list. I decided it would be perfect to do a review on because it specialises in the desserts I love, such as cakes, cupcakes and cookies. 290 more words


Baking Adventures - Gingerstamps (Butter Baked Goods)

For Christmas Dinner, I was in charge of desserts this year. I have been wanting to try Butter Baked Goods‘ Gingerstamps cookie recipe for the longest time and decided that Christmas is the perfect season for this cookie.   56 more words


Recipes: Christmas Cookies

A few days ago, it looked like a Christmas Cookie explosion in my house. I made shortbread, ginger molasses, and sugar cookies, and then put them in seasonal tins to give away.   613 more words


Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale - 2014

It’s hard to believe but next week is the Calgary Food Blogger’s Bake Sale.  It’s always an honour to be asked to participate and this time I will actually be there, which I am thrilled about. 252 more words