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Lamb Stew with Orzo, Olives and Butter Beans

The general structure for this dish comes from one in Modern Mediterranean Cooking by Elen Balashova. Her recipe suggested this dish could be completed on the cook top is around an hour by just simmering the lamb shanks. 509 more words


Potatoes, Bacon and Peas on Earth Stew 

This recipe is earthy, hearty and healthy. I always feel really good eating this, and it has all the things that I need to kick start chilly Autumn nights, plus bacon, mmm delicious bacon. 218 more words


Marinated Large Butter Beans

Butter beans called so for their delicate and kind of “buttery” taste. Also known as lima beans. This is an easy to make bean dish made with large butter beans that makes a terrific vegetarian dish. 185 more words


Loaded Sweet Potato

Hello! Hi! Thank you for reading! Sweet Potatoes!

That’s right, Sweet Potato is absolutely one of my favourite foods – especially steamed, which makes for a quick meal, and a hugely nutritious one, when matched up with beans and veggies. 385 more words

Salted Peanut & Date Caramel Brownies

These little beauties are a twist on my Dark Chocolate & Cashew Bites.The date caramel is a real winner and works great simply drizzled over vanilla ice-cream or to make healthy caramel squares using my recipe for… 260 more words


Chicken, Chorizo and Butter Bean Stewois (another French dish)

As everyone in my family knows, I’m somewhat of a cheat. I believe cheating wherever possible is an intelligent way of getting where you need to be with a minimum of hassle and stress. 895 more words