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Burts Bees Honey Shea Body Butter 65 Ounces Criteria

The warm, rainy months of central Florida create the flowers and also the air is stuffed with bees busy about their job of gathering nectar and building honeycomb. 300 more words

Of RA COSMETICS 100 African Shea Butter Chunky 10 oz

African shea tree is the source of shea butter. It is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree which is also called as Vitellaria paradoxa. 297 more words


Give back my money you thief… 17. August 2015

 Barley porridge with butter

 Cocoa espresso frappe and toast with mushroom ham

 Rice with tofu curry and some marinated pumpkin


Olay Ultra moisture inShower body lotion with shea butter

3) Everyday Health. Shea butter is gentle enough to be used everyday, yet rich enough to help keep skin smooth and elastic. Many people use products with… 380 more words

Chicken with Shallots

Last week I had a dinner party for a few friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. I was really stressing out on what to make for dinner. 296 more words


Clarified Butter: Why Better Butter is Actually Better

In my previous masterpiece on butter, I espoused the virtues of European-style butter when compared to its banal American counterpart. Well, turns out I left out an important detail. 265 more words