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Quick Herbed Trout Fillets

While I sometimes enjoy getting carried away in the kitchen, preparing elaborate dishes with myriad ingredients, there are days when I just need to get something healthy and tasty on the table FAST. 383 more words


Margarine: emulsion of vegetable fats

Margarine is an emulsion of fat, usually plants, which was prepared for the first time by the French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès in 1870, creating a… 146 more words


Buttering the cat's paws

All the grown-up women I knew when a child in London in the 1960s would unwrap half-pound packets of butter, put the butter in the butter dish, and then fold the paper packets in half lengthways and put them, with others already so collected, somewhere dedicated for the purpose in their fridge. 274 more words


Sunday brunch

First, you melt a block of butter
(the more butter, well, the better).
Let anticipation set
your eager tastebuds all aflutter.

Allow to merge that which is wetter… 84 more words


Broccolini with Grilled Lemon, Pine Nuts and Aleppo Chile

Local chef and co-owner of Saffron and World Street Kitchen restaurants, Sameh Wadi, has just published a cookbook, titled The New Mediterranean Table. The newspapers have printed a few recipes from his cookbook, and we were intrigued by the ingredients and wanted to try them. 431 more words

Olive Oil


This technique is anything but new, it has been used for thousands of years. Fermenting foods is a way of preserving food but also has added health promoting properties. 140 more words

Culinary Trends