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Ghee butter and the commercialization of the healthy exotic

Like most foods in Indian cooking, the ingredients often have a dual purpose – one of flavor and of health. Ghee is one such example used in South Asian cooking that I have grown up loving. 987 more words

These foods get a bad rap, but are actually good for you

The historic lament of dieters is there is nothing tasty left to eat once you weed out the fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

For gosh sakes, nutritionists have even deemed… 611 more words


Birthday Cake Crumble

Buttery Funfetti crumbles to accent or add-in or enjoy all by themselves! You pick :)

I think you will agree with me that that picture is literally just a great big old picture of happiness! 581 more words


Never mind the pronunciation...cheese scone is king

When I was growing up a scone was a rather large item (it was in Yorkshire) stuffed with currants and even a little cherry. I hadn’t even realised that scones could be fruitless until I visited Devon for the first time and had a cream tea. 330 more words