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Butterfinger Cheesecake

My Nephew, the oldest grandchild in our family and also my Godson is graduating from high school in a week. I offered to my sister (his mom) to make two cheesecake for the party. 917 more words


The Simpsons Butterfinger commercials: Would it Work? #1

Welcome to Would it Work, where I take old advertising campaigns and see if they would work as a social media marketing campaign. For the first one I decided to go with one of my favorite Television shows ever The Simpsons. 234 more words


Baking Magic - Butterfinger Cupcakes

I’m just gonna prefix this post by saying that this is definitely more of a lazy person’s guide to the butterfinger cupcake due to the fact that my kitchen currently has a giant hole in the ceiling, so I’ve had to make do with the ingredients and space that I had! 499 more words