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Butterfinger Cupcakes

A dark chocolate cupcake is transformed into an extraordinary dessert with the addition of a dark chocolate ganache and a homemade peanut butter-finger buttercream. A chopped Butterfinger candy ties the whole cupcake together! 616 more words

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3 Easiest Desserts Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays; however, this trend of creepy clowns is really freaking me out. Nonetheless, the idea of people handing out free candy is giving me some courage. 479 more words


Five Things Friday: Halloween Candy

At work I found out that I’m not scheduled on Halloween. I didn’t ask for it off because I didn’t have plans. I still don’t. Since I have the chance though, I guess as long as the weather is decent I might as well get dressed up and hand out candy. 110 more words

Five Things Friday

"These pretzels are making me thirsty!"*...

Today, pretzels are a humble food. Simply, salty, and greasy, they are a fixture at ball parks and airports across America.

But back in the day—like way back in the day, before baseball—pretzels were the food of royalty.

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My Cheesecake Game Is STRONG!

Peanut Butter Butterfinger Cheesecake…go ahead and savor those words a little bit!  I love making cheesecakes.  I think I have a pretty solid handle on them and 9 times out of 10 can get them to come out beautifully. 392 more words