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Butterfly #71


A Monarch Butterfly that I fond up to the farm.


Hitchhiker butterfly

The other day, I came in from a photographic moment down on my knees in the front yard. This put my legs in direct contact with a pile of dead plant matter. 74 more words


Imperfect beauty of autumn

The leaves are speckled with blemishes and the Red-spotted Purple butterfly (Limenitis arthemis) is faded and tattered, but there is real beauty in the imperfection of autumn. 20 more words


Fall Migration is Underway for Monarchs

I haven’t seen any Monarchs yet in Allen, TX, but my Frostweed is just beginning to bloom. I’m hoping that will attract a few that will be migrating through to Mexico! 336 more words


Asters and Goldenrods

Leaves falling, geese honking overhead, frost in the air, deer hunting season around the corner; time for one last colorful meadow story before moving on and embracing autumn. 72 more words

Nature Photography

Butterfly #89

A Cabbage white Butterfly or moth (depending how you vow them), that was in the garden at the house yesterday.