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Butterfly #30

A Prairie Ringlet Butterfly from the farm on July 7th.



It’s a bit of a blur, but I finally got my shot of the hummingbird hawk moth.

It was quite a cool morning and we only had weak sun so I was a bit surprised when Julia shouted from the front garden to tell me it was in the garden. 109 more words

Care Farm

Butterfly #69

An Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly that was in the back field at the family farm.


Watercolor Milkweed

I collected a monarch caterpillar several weeks ago and at the same time I started a watercolor painting of the little larvae. As he safely munched fresh milkweed leaves, I worked on the painting. 154 more words

Karen Hines

Butterfly #110

A Pearly Crescentspot butterfly that was enjoying this Red Clover flower that I found up to the family farm on August 1st.


Uncommon Buckeye

Though it is officially called “common,” the bright colors and patterns of this Common Buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia) make it uncommonly beautiful in my eyes. 30 more words


Butterfly #128

A pair of Cabbage White Butterflies helping the next generation :)  Image is from August 29th.