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Summer Reading: Birds, Butterflies, Bees

 Birds, butterflies and bees — what do they have in common ? This group of 20 books originally posted for Christmas 2014- resource guides, travelogues, memoirs and more — makes clear that they are beloved or beguiling,  their characteristics and behavior are fascinating, and that virtually all have an uncertain future resulting from loss of habitat, urbanization, climate change, disease,  and the “Anthropocene” era underway. 2,987 more words


Butterfly #49

A Large Wood Nymph Butterfly from the farm.


Flutter By

I was amazed while photographing this butterfly to catch it in flight! Love that macro lens!

Nature Photography

A Golf Course for Pollinators

Bethpage State Park: A Model for the Future

Bethpage State Park, located on Long Island, is best known for its five world-class golf courses, including the world renowned Black Course which was the site of the U.S. 459 more words

Native Bees

Tiffany Mountain in July

It seems to be a tradition for me to hike to Tiffany Mountain in July. Earlier this year would have been better for the wildflowers and possible patches of snow but this was the soonest I could get up there. 398 more words


In the garden with the Eastern Yellow Swallowtail butterfly

Watching the fluttering of its beautiful yellow wings stops me in my tracks to watch where it lands. It is a beautiful yellow butterfly who gravitates to the purple coneflowers in my garden. 496 more words


At Bedford Purlieus

We only had about 90 minutes of sunshine at Bedford Purlieus, but it was enough … there were butterflies in abundance.  From the top: Marbled White, Silver Wash Fritillary, White Letter Hairstreak and Green Veined White.