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Spring at Attenborough

Attenborough Nature Reserve, near Nottingham, really comes alive in Springtime and we spend as much time as we can there, looking for early butterflies and the warblers arriving. (Whitethroat and Male Orange Tip).


Silver-spotted Skipper in April

Out of the more than 3500 different species of skipper butterflies worldwide, according to Wikipedia, there is really only one that I can reliably identify—the Silver-spotted Skipper ( 84 more words


Butterfly love

It’s springtime and love is in the air. So many creatures seem to be searching for mates and some of them have obviously found one, like this pair of Pearl Crescent butterflies ( 68 more words


Snowberrry Clearwing Moth

As I was searching for dragonflies yesterday at Jackson Miles Abbott Wetland Refuge, I noticed an unusually large bumblebee and started to give chase. When it landed and I moved in close, it became clear that it was not a bumblebee after all—it was a clearwing moth. 71 more words