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Butterflies While in Pennsylvania

Butterflies in the wild, not in a butterfly exhibit. The photos were taken at Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, Pennsylvania. 106 more words


Butterfly Battle Stations!

I’m asked many interesting questions with my work photographing butterflies. This one was bulls-eye to the reason for what I do. The Question? Which of your butterfly photos do you remember as being the most exciting? 261 more words

Butterfly Types

Yes to Both Questions . . .

We see fewer and fewer Tawny Emperor butterflies at Raccoon Creek State Park. A recent email from someone who monitors the insects of Pennsylvlania included the Tawny amongst the rare and uncommon butterflies. 190 more words

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Home or Away?

This morning I photographed at Raccoon ¬†Creek State Park. I set the odometer on the Tundra. 37 miles, exactly. It’s Memorial Day, sunny, no wind, and the morning was seasonably comfortable, with temperatures hovering in the 60’s at 10:30 AM. 450 more words

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Horace's Duskywings Coupling

May 5th on Nichol Road trail in Raccoon Creek State Park. I almost missed seeing this. Male and female, after completing their appraisals of one another, now successfully coupling. 111 more words

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18,000,000 Wait . . .

April 20th, 2014, and 18 million Americans wait. Additional tens of millions of naturalists and esthetes around the world wait, too. They wait to see if this beautiful moment will again be seen in fields and flowery margins from the Rocky Mountains east to the Atlantic coast. 189 more words

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Duskywing on Blueberries

You can’t not like Duskywing butterflies. These little brown bombshells are just about everywhere when you hike the woodland trails in the Spring. Every so often one will accompany you part way on a trail, flying 10 feet ahead of you each time you reach it, and repeating this again and again. 156 more words

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