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Uncomplicated thoughts: Becoming

“We cannot live better than in seeking to become better.” Socrates

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Uncomplicated Thoughts

On autumn wings

We are the shared sounds
a thousand butterfly wings beating
changing as seasons move past us
like sepia toned images
of our thousand days of life gone by. 104 more words



When I think of butterflies, the first thing that comes to mind is some idyllic country meadow, with the beautiful insects fluttering across. It thus came as a small surprise to find that butterflies are not encountered in Graeco-Roman literature as part of the quite extensive rural idylls in Vergil or Theocritus; and more generally, butterflies are seemingly absent from ancient literature. 934 more words


turn inward 

we cannot get grace from gadgets – J. B. Priestly

Nature Photography

Cats Chasing Butterflies

I’ve been meaning to share this advertisement that decorates the gable end of The Cat Practice in New Orleans. If you love cats, the chances are, you’ll remember this and might just be curious enough to find out more. 


Painted Ladies

Butterflies LOVE hot sunshine and we’d had such a rainy, dreary summer. This year, I hadn’t had much time for butterfly chasing in the city anyway, but they were noticeably absent at the cottage too.  21 more words


Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies

I was out to the Etobicoke Creek leash free area with The Partners today, so they could enjoy a good swim and some hijinx with other dogs. 39 more words