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29 March 2015

I wish i could explain your eyes, and how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies.

How your smile makes my heart skip a beat, and how when i am with you i feel complete.

I finally made it to the Butterfly House

I finally made it to the Butterfly House. Very nice to be back there; then on to the KHM. From there to Fortuna, the same two black-haired girls as last time; the one who did not speak to me last time came to me this time; a very sexy black-haired Spanish girl. 82 more words

Curious.. very curious..

So, a hundred panic attacks later, it’s all done. Honestly, I was very happy up until a point everybody else’s websites started making appearances. And being a curious one, of course I clicked on them and all hell broke lose. 448 more words


Monarch magic on Monday

Our long warm summer has seen dozens of Monarch butterflies in and around the garden.   But it was only yesterday at Willowbank Park in Tawa (15 mins from my suburb) that I finally managed to get a photo of one.  20 more words

Orange Sulphur: An Alien Tale

They don’t like the bitter aftertaste of the truth.
They cover their death beds in satin skins, and wear their finest jewels to impress the mourning robes that gather for the dead. 172 more words

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