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“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”  Babe Ruth

There are many challenges in life and sometimes when we’ve been striving for a while we may feel overwhelmed and ready to quit.  560 more words

Butterfly Centerfold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway 25 table tennis table was the main table of the 2004 as well as 2005 UNITED STATE Open ITTF Pro Trip Championships. 35 more words


June 15th

First Day of the Estival Season

4:30 p.m. It is the first day of the Estival ecological season, the time of greatest heat (Feb. 16th). Astronomical summer begins on June 20th. 570 more words


The Butterfly on Boylston Street

I’m really happy with this photograph; not for the subject matter, although it certainly is nice. No, I’m happy with it because of where I took it. 112 more words


The Lost Butterfly-illustration





This is an illustration for my novel series “The Lost Butterfly”. It’s drawing on paper in color pencil, wax crayons and oil pastel.


Transient life of a drifter on the wing

The threadbare wings of this butterfly are evidence of the transient nature of its life.   52 more words


What the Lack of Great Lakes Ice Coverage Means — Midwestern Plants

Originally posted on THE UP NORTH READER: To call it a mild winter would be putting it, well, mildly. As our current mid-winter warmup rolls on, those in the upper Midwest are either rejoicing at the unseasonable temperatures or are dreading the impact that it will have on the outdoor industries—namely skiing, sledding and snowmobiling.…

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