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I am a moth in colour and skin

I am a moth, not a butterfly,
my earthy colours reflect my nature,
I am not considered beautiful or great,
but rather a peasant with no grand trait, 27 more words


Nature | Passing Through

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By coremember123

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everything is perfect

spiral out.
it becomes better, perhaps – or not.
trust your faith, believe your doubt.
a way is found though it may not seem like it now or even when. 990 more words


Butterfly Net

Freedom is written on their wings;
these prisoners of mindless eyes.
We’re admiring not what beauty is-
but the way in which it dies.


The Old Man Went Hunting Beauty Instead Of Going Back To Bed

July 30, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

I decided to try out some new settings on the camera. Continuous shooting, shutter priority and auto macro. Admittedly if there was a dedicated macro lens on the end of the camera this shot may have had more detail but all in all I am a happy camper. 10 more words