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Laws of nature...

No one can escape from death…Its mandatory for every living thing on earth..Laws of Nature.

These ants ate this butterfly live…

Red Moth

This was an interesting picture to draw. At the time I was a very detailed artist, attempting to draw individual leaves and branches and so on, but in this picture the flowers on the branch were so tiny and numerous that I had to think more abstractly, so I drew some jagged lines and I actually think it turned out pretty well. 67 more words


Butterfly Cutouts

Another attempt to sharpen my Photoshop skills.

CreativeSprint countdown – 2 days to go…



Wanting to be loved
Longing to be kissed

Loving her from a distance
Staring into her eyes
Refusing to lean in
He called her a masterpiece… 86 more words

Sidewalk Sale Last Days

Sale ends September 30th at 6pm. Cool stuff for super cheap. 1101 A Street, Tacoma.

Vintage Garden Shop

3 Yoga Poses To Achieve Maximum Sleepitude

You’re tired but you can’t sleep. I get it; you’ve got a lot going on and it’s hard to stop your monkey mind from playing with all the thoughts you’d rather not think, all those cringeable moments of mortification, like that time you boarded a flight and the check-in agent said, “Have a great flight!” and you responded, “You too!” How awkward. 475 more words



Anonymously, unanimous

hidden daytime scream..

Soft emotional bashfulness.. 27 more words