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To My Stupid Cat, The Best Cat

Dear Butthead,

I did not know what to think when my dad brought you home from the feed mill: a tiny feral kitten with way too much personality. 724 more words


Here's The 90s Animated GIF I Chose For Today

I decided to make the post today a 90s animated gif. At first I thought of looking for an animated gif of a Hypercolor shirt changing, but wasn’t satisfied with what I found immediately. 24 more words

Beat the Monday blues XXIII. 

Wel, well! Going through the screenshots, I was susprised to see I only saved a few memes the previous week. And now I’m like, could it be? 216 more words

Words And Pics

I called my kid a butthead in public

There have been times in my writing career that I have slightly exaggerated a story for comedic effect. Not much, mind you. Just a detail or two, here or there. 957 more words


Pain in the Butt

Sometimes in the parking lot your bag of lung cancer just gets away from you.



Today (when I’m writing this, not necessarily when you view:

Yup, that about covers it.