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Top 5 characters on the naughty list

Hello! Today’s topic are characters on the naughty list. The topic suggests choosing either villains or characters that I don’t like. I think I’ll go with ‘characters I believe would get coal in their stockings’. 475 more words


That's NOT What That Word Means

VoIP: Voice over IP. A way to send phone calls over the internet using digital signals as opposed to analog phone lines

I’m working on a big project at work.

849 more words
Professional Development

Here's The 90s Animated GIF I Chose For Today

I decided to make the post today a 90s animated gif. At first I thought of looking for an animated gif of a Hypercolor shirt changing, but wasn’t satisfied with what I found immediately. 24 more words

Beat the Monday blues XXIII. 

Wel, well! Going through the screenshots, I was susprised to see I only saved a few memes the previous week. And now I’m like, could it be? 216 more words

Words And Pics

I called my kid a butthead in public

There have been times in my writing career that I have slightly exaggerated a story for comedic effect. Not much, mind you. Just a detail or two, here or there. 957 more words


Pain in the Butt

Sometimes in the parking lot your bag of lung cancer just gets away from you.