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Weird Wool Wednesday: 2014 having the last laugh

I had noticed it on the pictures I took when I was wearing the vest that the top is not even. New pictures confirm: the blue sits higher on my left shoulder than my right. 187 more words


Wintertrui 2014: buttons on, vest finished.

I sewed on the buttons. And all of a sudden it’s a finished garment. I made a vest!

I’m still knitting the sleeves but I’m a bit confused because this is wearable: 35 more words


Weird Wool Wednesday: seeing the point

I spend so many hours knitting the pockets, thinking up the button band and making it just right. Binding off was a tedious task in which I had to take care to maintain the same tension. 202 more words


Wintertrui 2014: on button bands

Right. I’ve knitted the collar, focusing on shortrowing in the neck and making those pockets.

Lots of short rows to give the neck just a little bit of blue (green) and the collar lots: 641 more words


Wintertrui 2014: thoughts on bottom band and edges.

I knit with the blue. Made some decreases to suggest a waist. Made some increases to fit my hips. And now it’s time to think about the border at the bottom of my cardigan. 778 more words


The Final Stretch

This weekend, after a good night’s sleep and several calming breaths, I actually managed to (nearly) finish my Persistence is Key Sweater!

I even wove in all my ends and blocked it! 149 more words