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Coraline The Movie ~

Hey guys! Okay, I just found this on Youtube and decided to share this with you guys! Well, I love this movie since I was the horror movie lover xD I watched it a long time ago! 284 more words


Steam Game Delayed Because Publisher Forgot To Press The Release Button

(Source: kotaku.com)

Sometimes video games are delayed because a team’s schedule was too ambitious, or because they need some extra time for polish. Other times, it’s because they forgot to press the button. 157 more words


IPhone 7 May Include Flush '3D Touch' Home Button

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Instead, when a user presses on the home button, haptic feedback will mimic a press, much like the Force Touch trackpad on Apple’s most recent MacBooks. 407 more words


Hitting The Snooze Button In The Morning Is Actually Bad For You!

I don’t think I know one person who actually loves their morning alarm clock going off. What part of that loud pinging noise is fun? Here’s another reason to “dislike” it. 152 more words


When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny

Title: When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny
Author: Blythe Baird
Venue: NPS 2015 Oakland, CA

The year of skinny-pop and sugar-free Jello cups,
We guzzled vitamin water and vodka, 515 more words


[YouTube] Sticking to Your Priorities

New video out on YouTube now! Just some quick thoughts on being able to communicate to others your priorities and what makes you happy, in an effort to make yourself and those you care about less stressed, stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier.