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Boobs & Butts

Birthday gift for a mate. Two of the best things in the world :)

I Just Want Big Butts

This topic seems to be a recurring theme lately. As the father to daughters and husband of 25 years (and hoping for more), I’m always very careful about how and where I use the terminology, “big butts.” There are so many ways to misconstrue such a phrase. 523 more words


And The Sign Says...

No Smoking!  Seriously, that’s what it means, DO NOT SMOKE.  So, why do smokers seem to feel that this doesn’t apply to them?  At my place of employment there are signs everywhere saying that smoking is not allowed on the property yet there are cigarette butts everywhere.   111 more words



The Creator of the Universe. Omnipotent, Omnisceint, Omnibenevolent. His Name is unknowable yet graven on every atom. Good teeth, nice smell, a class act all the way. 11 more words


Best Pantyshot Moments in Anime - Kou Yagami from New Game!

Sometimes you come across a show that hasn’t got any sort of ecchi tag. But at the same time, the amount of pantyshots almost justifies having one. 596 more words

Booty physics

A butt could be modeled as a coupled harmonic oscillator with n degrees of freedom, from which solutions can be comprised of 2n harmonic modes. 10 more words


A Sketch for Posterity

From a few years back.  And it’s about a back.  So there.

First in a series of blog posts taken from the Friends without borders blog.   83 more words