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This is where somebody rubs up on your muscles. It’s supposed to be relaxing, but the thought of someone touching me, let alone a stranger touching me, … 53 more words


Does running make your butt smaller?

People are asking some funny questions these days.

Obviously, how your running affects your butt size depends on various factors.


Spotlight on Qui Mu

I have a running joke with CB Archer that I am Qui Mu, a rabid fangirl who writes fanfics and sends them to the subjects. It started when I was beta reading… 267 more words


Spotlight on Keaton Clarke

You know who I’m talking about, don’t you? Keaton Clarke. THE Keaton Clarke. The kid who discovered The Keaton Clarke Room? You don’t know him? You must have been living under a rock because Keaton Clarke is a bona fide celebrity in the Gentalia universe. 258 more words


Bonus Loki Day: A Butt Week special!

So I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’ve been reading dodgy Loki fanfics for a Loki Day post. What I haven’t mentioned is that I’ve had a go at writing one. 503 more words

Cb Archer

Classical Butts!

For last year’s Butt Week I shared Butt of the Day pictures of rock hard statue butts on my Twitter. They proved quite popular! So I’ve decided to repeat that with a post about the Museum of Classical Archaelogy in Cambridge, a place home to many a perky butt. 382 more words

Cb Archer

Spotlight on Gentalia’s Most Misunderstood Villain

It’s no secret I love a villain. If the villain is hot, I’ll probably root for him. Not in real life, of course. Real life bad boys are the worst. 306 more words