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Trash In The Frame

Time to empty the trash, but as always I stare deep down into the bag for photographic inspiration before throwing everything away. For you viewing pleasure (or displeasure) – the results of a few minutes messing around with a small photo frame and rubbish. 9 more words


Scuffle breaks out as Miss BumBum contestants ‘debate’ realness of their butts

An outraged contestant stormed the stage of the final Miss Bumbum pageant in Brazil and seized the winner’s sash, saying her posterior was the only natural one and accusing others of having enhancement surgery.

Politics And Society

The Hot Tub

These are big bathtubs that make bubbles. Only, they’re not for getting clean, they’re for getting dirty. Also getting dirty in a non-colloquial sense, since they have all the same problems as bathtubs in that the water around your butthole doesn’t stay around your butthole, except now maybe you got some friends in there and they all brought their own buttholes. 10 more words


Plug and Socket

A friend of mine–acquaintance of mine is probably more accurate–and his wife dressed up in these costumes. It’s not so much suggestive as it is explicit, and explicit in a really boring way. 54 more words


Spider Breadsticks

Sure, this is really neat at the beginning of the party, but after nine people get to it, it’s just a butt full of sauce. 2.0/5



Has any smoker? Seen what it does to them? Not just internally! Psychologically?

When I was a security guard. At night and in the morning! I would see people/smokers! 201 more words

Butts, Body Odour and Boyfriends - What's not to love?

What’s crackalacking Lovers?

I know its been a while so let’s skip the formalities, stretch out our pelvic floor muscles and get straight into the banging details! 1,368 more words