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Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I don’t. Keep up with the Kardashians, that is to say. I can’t imagine a universe in which this show isn’t worse than drinking poison, but I guess I don’t have any direct knowledge of such. 56 more words


REPOST: MOAR BUTTZ, a tale told with pictorial accompaniment.

Context: my day has been long and tiring, and yesterday was largely consumed by dealing with my now-six-year-old son’s ass and the various horrifying products it was creating and dispensing.   1,859 more words


If Butts Could Talk

Between being an Internet gangster and a total badass, there’s only so much time I can give towards writing.

So I’m sharing an article that I  halfway read about science and butts. 69 more words

You Have A Second Brain In Your Butt. You, Specifically

Today we are privileged to bring you more news in the rare but spectacular butt/mind crossover category. Scientists at Flinders University in Australia have pulled some amazing news right out of their… hats. 289 more words


Today in " What a NERD" news, Some Old Lady Did a Headstand in All 50 States


This is sooooooo lame. SOOOOOOOOO lame. We get it lady. You like yoga. Hell, I don’t mind yoga either. Shit is relaxing as fuck. Serene calming music. 114 more words


Boobs & Butts

Birthday gift for a mate. Two of the best things in the world :)

I Just Want Big Butts

This topic seems to be a recurring theme lately. As the father to daughters and husband of 25 years (and hoping for more), I’m always very careful about how and where I use the terminology, “big butts.” There are so many ways to misconstrue such a phrase. 523 more words