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In the Lord of the rings Simgol calls the golden ring his precious. An all consuming greed fills him to have it, he wants it. Anyone who sees it wants it only one hobbit who is pure of heart can carry it to the fires of destruction without been affected by it’s power. 81 more words

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The fear of the blank page or the empty word document is something that all people not only those who write as a proffesion face each time that they sit down to write a post, an email or the proverbial thousand words a day. 39 more words

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Operation Blackout a world war 2 safety mechanism for stopping 21st Century Terrorism

During the blitz and the Battle of Briton it was required of everyone to cover up the windows to make it more difficult for the German bombers t poo drop their payload of death on Britain’s population. 188 more words


Short story

I found it washed on to the beach on the incoming tide, one morning after a stormy night on which the wind had blow a gale. 449 more words


Stolen Operetta - Funding Needed

Stolen Operetta – Funding Needed

As many of you might not know I am a self-taught musician & composer.

Back in 2009 I composed a small piece of introductory music for a comical operetta that I have yet to complete this particular piece of music was dedicated to fellow WordPress bloggier Chris A.K.A Dracul Helsing. 232 more words


Fear sometimes comes to knock at our door

Sam could feel it, he could smell it, and it was always present now. He had known for some time the day would come but he had never expected it to come like this. 1,316 more words


Remembrances Scotland 1743

A story of the Scottish rising of 1745.

“The story I am about to tell you my dear is of great importance for if there is one thing I have learned over many years is that one needs to remember so that one will be able to pass on to the young certain truths about the rising in the year 1745 which have truly never been told in full. 2,619 more words