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…tap to put a new Tome into play…

With just six days to go for the funding deadline (and it being solidly in the Halloween season) I would like to take this opportunity to remind visitors to this blog about… 180 more words


From his house at R'lyeh…

Almost two weeks ago, I mentioned that a kickstarter effort was upcoming. Good news!

Roughly four days back, Simon Berman launched his project to fund the publication of a wonderful book. 226 more words

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All fled – all done? No. Not yet begun…

An announcement was recently made so a post here that I’d expected to make next month can be early. (That might make up for missing a post or two while away at… 174 more words

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"Let me sum up."

An annoyingly catchy tune from 1992, Dizz Knee Land by Dada, has been on my mind for the past few days – but with “Dragon Con” substituted for “Disneyland”. 210 more words

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Jealous Because They Only Know One Language

It’s wonderful to know more than one language. You can communicate with so many people. But for those who grew up in the 60s, you maybe more familiar with ”pig Latin.” It’s a change of English. 264 more words


Whether called reboot, reimagining, or remake – there is, at least, one almost guaranteed reaction when Hollywood makes the announcement: There is nearly always complaint by loyal fans of the quintessential (older) version. 496 more words

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