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Fact-checking the inaugural speech: the economy, crime, and hiring American

In his first presidential speech, Donald Trump painted a bleak picture on issues ranging from education to the military. Alan Yuhas sorts fact from fiction. 1,107 more words

Donald Trump's policies could hurt some Canadian provinces more than others

Whether it’s “Buy American” or his anti-NAFTA stance, Donald Trump’s protectionist views have been a source of apprehension for Canada, and a new TD report warns the incoming administration could hurt some provinces more than others. 497 more words


Donald Trump wants 'Buy American' rules in $1 trillion infrastructure bill

Donald Trump has made clear he wants ‘Buy American‘ rules in the massive infrastructure program he’s planning, launching an ardent defence of domestic-purchase requirements that can cause tensions with other countries – including Canada. 703 more words


'Buy American' clause in proposed Trump infrastructure bill could hurt Canada-U.S. relations

WASHINGTON – An early irritant in Canada-U.S. relations in the Trump era could emerge in the massive infrastructure bill proposed by the president-elect, amid speculation in Washington that it might include a Buy American clause excluding foreign suppliers. 821 more words


Protesters say Trump, Walmart share the same values

From selling goods manufactured overseas to avoiding federal taxes, Walmart and Donald Trump have a lot in common. In fact, it’s a connection so strong that Walmart sells products promoting Trump’s presidential campaign on its website. 248 more words

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