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Assignment: Discussion—Economic Systems, Comparative Advantage

Module Readings and Assignment:

Complete the following readings early in the module:

•Module online lectures

•From the textbook, International business: The challenges of globalization, 8th, please read the following: ◦Emerging Markets & Development ◦International Trade Theory… 581 more words

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Comparing Leadership Models Power Point Presentation

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to understand and analyze the Universal Model of Leadership in the text, and compare it to one other model to see the similarities and differences. 71 more words

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Week 5 - Final Paper Creating a Logistics Plan for International Transport and Warehousing of Goods

Strategic Logistics Management, Inc. (SLM) is a U.S.-based third party company whose primary business is to deliver logistics services. Currently, SLM manages several warehouses in Los Angeles and the New York/New Jersey area. 981 more words

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Unit 7 Emergency

Unit VII Case Study

This course provided an investigation and study of focusing events in the United States and the resulting policy changes that have resulted to improve emergency management. 194 more words

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Research Paper - Purchasing And Material Management

 Write a 5-8 page (exclusive of cover page and reference pages) single-spaced paper on one or more aspects of procurement/supply management for any one of the following three companies: Dell Computer, General Motors, or Wal-Mart. 297 more words

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The Value Of Failure In Leadership

Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you:

  1. Propose two (2) ways that you can use a failure in your life or career to improve your vision as a leader.
  2. 274 more words
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The Art Of Negotiation

Research a current conflict or negotiation in progress from the last 6 months like peace talks in the Middle East, a corporate merger, a labor dispute, etc.    281 more words

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