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British Classic - When Buying Local makes sense - Handmade Steak Pie and Mash

Like many men, Hubby loves what he calls a ‘proper’ pie – a pastry bottom and top with a good packed filling, not a casserole with a puff pastry top. 183 more words

Learning to pickle shallots and raised bed gravel boards arrive...

Two leaps forward today.  Firstly, the gravel boards for our first raised bed were delivered from our local timber yard, and we’re hoping to build it at the weekend if the weather clears.   111 more words

Self Sufficiency

Why Someday? Why Not Today?

I started this post last week.  I guess it has been kind of busy and I have literally left this tab open on my computer since last Tuesday because I didn’t want to forget why I started it. 584 more words


#AtoZChallenge | The Great And Powerful Theme Reveal... Made in Maine

I recently hit some milestones with my blog including passing the one year mark, and reaching my hundredth post.  While those were exciting moments for me, I want to continue to challenge myself and to grow my site while developing content that will connect with my readers. 407 more words

A To Z Blogging Challenge

On the Look Out: Dealing with Professionals in your Neighborhood

I used to care for a retired social worker, she often laughed about the little town she get up in, and I related, because I grew up in a similar town. 405 more words

Life Coaching

VIDEO: Buying Local Does Not "Save the Planet"

Robert Wenzel over at EconomicPolicyJournal.com posted a video that educated me on a current myth of the economic approach “Buying Local”. 39 more words


Farm to table

Last year we decided to buy our meat directly from the farm. I was a little concerned at first because it costs so much at first, for us a quarter cow was a little less than $700. 180 more words