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#Avon365: Day 176 So one day, a potential recruit let me down. Here's what happened......

So I had met a fantastic girl that said that she wanted to become a representative. She was amazing. I saw the potential. I had stars in my eyes. 211 more words

Shopping in Portugal: Brag about the Straw Basket Bag

Planning a trip in Portugal or already arrived in Portugal? No doubt you are on course to voraciously devour as many exciting memories and experiences as you can while you unravel the pretty Porto, the lovely Lisbon, sensational Sintra and the amazing Algarve region down south. 597 more words


Karma Neutral

There’s a lot in the news about climate change and how we as individuals can have a smaller carbon footprint and how countries can and should move towards being… 269 more words


Your Canadian Summer

Temperatures are rising! With the first day of summer around the corner, here is a short list of must do’s for a true Canadian summer. 231 more words

Cavatappi Pasta With Yellow Tomato Sauce Minus Lamb

Yellow tomatoes are not the easiest thing to find at the local grocery stores around where I live in Houston. While I do live in a more “upscale” neighborhood in one of the lower scale apartments, the grocery stores are a bit more “yuppie.” Still, no yellow tomatoes. 241 more words


In Praise of Local Running Shops

I was in Rapid City for work today and had a moment on my lunch break. Realizing I was just down the street from The Runner’s Shop… 142 more words


Shopping At A Local Farm

While Houston is such a big city, it lacks the hometown feeling of walking down the streets with shops all selling local produce and ingredients. Honestly, I don’t think there is such a place in Houston other than the few farmer’s markets around town. 381 more words