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All About the "Buy Nothing Project" - The wonderful giving community that you can join too!

Going green and treating people better in our communities – these are two things I think our world needs more of these days, and have both been my mind a lot this past year. 1,019 more words


Food for free.

23 months. That’s how long it’s been since my last A Very Foodly Diary blog post.

In this time, a few aspects of this site have changed: 552 more words


downsizing to upsize: how I went from a one bedroom to a five bedroom with half the stuff

The box in my arms is heavy. Heavy is good, it means I’m about to feel lighter. As I heft it onto the GoodWill counter, a woman politely asks me if I need a donation receipt. 1,291 more words


I Wanna Help!

I am involved in a lot of stuff. I mean really, a lot of stuff! I work hard and I play just as hard. At work, home, and with various things I am involved in, I find myself volunteering or being ask to volunteer to take on more and more. 761 more words


cull the clutter challenge: accepted

What a perfect weekend, to stop, breathe, and do a recount of the first quarter of the year, focus on the next quarter and develop a growth mindset for the remaining year ahead. 985 more words


The Great Infusion

I have been asked (repeatedly) for my recipe for Rosemary infused vodka. Ignoring the fact this means I am seen far too often with a drink in hand, where in which I reply to the question, ‘What are you drinking?’, with, ‘Rosemary vodka and soda.’ 1,241 more words


Lunar Dogs and Valentine’s Cards

I am part of an online community called Buy Nothing, it’s organized through Facebook groups in your neighborhood. It is a “gift economy” where people give items that have for free, and people can request items. 81 more words