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Book Review - The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less

One of my favorite vendors at the farmers market had a wide selection of goodies this week–plums, cucumbers, soft persimmons, hard persimmons, figs, and more. On the one hand it’s awesome to have so much good food to choose from, and on the other hand it takes me a couple of minutes each time I go just to make a decision.  1,410 more words

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You Don't Need It

I’ve read that within a given day the average American will see several thousand brand logos and advertisements. And while thinking about how ridiculous that is, I also realized that I was wearing a tshirt with a logo on it.  93 more words

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Book Review - The Moneyless Man

Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten pretty good at not buying things. But what if I couldn’t buy internet service? Bus tickets?  756 more words

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'No Buy July': rethinking consumerism

I’ve just finished what I called ‘no buy July’. At the start of the month I decided I would go a whole month without buying anyTHING. 724 more words

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Episode 41: We Love Historical Romance!


For this episode, we talked with Cory Eckert (aka @helenstwin aka Joint Chief of Storytime Underground) for a discussion on historical romance tropes, types, and favorites. 264 more words


The Big Chair Conundrum of 2016

So, I bought a chair. A gorgeous, leather, previously owned Pottery Barn armchair.

But, not with my own money. And not with a credit card. 795 more words

Buy-Nothing Month Week 4: Wrap-up + the cost of commuting

Backstory: I’m wrapping up a month-long challenge: here’s the intro,  update 1 and update 2.

And here we are! We’ve made it to the end of May (and the end of my month-long challenge). 1,214 more words

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