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Easy DIY Hair Detangler

Detangle yourself from purchasing unnecessary hair products when the secret to getting difficult-to-brush curly or coarse hair tangle-free is oil and water. We’ve learned this secret the hard way. 306 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

The Clothing Swap 

Last week we were having dinner over at friends house when the Buy Nothing Year came up. I have discovered now that I have told a few people about it, that people are intrigued and have lots of questions. 290 more words

Buy Nothing Year

What if I Buy Nothing for a Year?

I’m planning to buy nothing this year. Well, not nothing.

I will still buy things that are perishable or consumable, such as food and some household items (like toilet paper and light bulbs) and gas for my car and medication. 688 more words

Our Buy Nothing Year

Two days ago I posted about our family’s 2016 challenge. I have been waiting to put it out there publicly as I had my doubts whether we were really up to the challenge and whether I felt safe sharing it. 423 more words

Buy Nothing Year

A 'Buy Nothing Christmas?'

There is much to admire in our American cousins. They have made tremendous scientific advances and their music gives me enduring pleasure. That said, the USA’s biggest contribution to the civilised world has to be that they delay the start of the Christmas binge until after their Thanksgiving towards the end of November. 463 more words

25 Uses for Silica Gel

Silica gel is one of those little-understood materials. Although the little silica gel packets say “Do Not Eat, Throw Away” that doesn’t mean you have to follow this misguided advice and think the little gels are poisonous. 828 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Trash To Treasure Christmas Ornaments

Every year a few pieces of trash are pulled out of our bin and gleefully turned into ornaments for the tree. Call it a family tradition for waste-minded children. 453 more words

Voluntary Simplicity