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Not Buying It! Part 6

It’s been a CRAZY week, financially speaking.  Lots of ups and downs.  I’m more determined than every to stick to my “Not Buying It” challenge!


Not Buying It

Buy Nothing Update: Target

Hi hi!

We’re going strong… about 2 and 1/2 weeks in. So far, we’ve only spent $5 and change on things. We got 2 puzzles (after donating 2) and 2 books (one of which we couldn’t get from the library because Matt’s a nerd and he reads textbooks – he has no excuse for the other). 355 more words

Buy Nothing

What Is Buy Nothing?

First, let me state this was not “my” idea. The anti-consumerism movements I’m going to reference here have been going strong for as long as people have been selling and consuming “stuff.” I’m simply putting all this here, not because this is my original concept, but because I was asked to clarify what our family is doing for our “Buy Nothing Year: A Journey To Zero Waste.” Specifically in Bellingham, WA. 420 more words

Buy Nothing


This is an introduction to all the textiles you will need or will be helpful to you in your journey towards zero waste living. Below I’m going to outline some of the areas in your home and lifestyle where reusable textiles can replace disposable products and I’ll also provide some easy tutorials and links for making or finding these items. 3,861 more words

Buy Nothing

We’re trying something new! We’ve started a year of buying nothing new. To clarify, sometimes that will mean buying nothing and sometimes it will mean buying nothing… 493 more words

Buy Nothing

Ethical Electronics - what to buy and what to avoid

Using the Baptist World Aid 2016 Ethical Electronics guide, I’ve provided an easily accessible snapshot of which brands you should seek out and which to avoid when buying electronic goods. 333 more words

1. Living Ethically