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Saving through buying nothing

Most marketing talks about the money you ‘save’ when you buy something on sale.  But what about if you could ‘save’ through buying nothing?  And I am not talking about going without – far from it. 936 more words


Going Green means Eating Greens too

In addition to the changes in buying less stuff, using less electricity, riding a bicycle to work when the weather permits, how many people are prepared to give up a little meat? 195 more words

What's so important that people are lining up for hours just to buy it?

The thing about not shopping is that I have no idea what all the fuss if about.

I walk past an Apple store to get to work. 185 more words

Buy Nothing Year

Buy Nothing

I have been really interested in these groups and bloggers who are a part of the Buy Nothing project/ movement. I love it. I’ve been sharing info about it on my facebook page, much to my friend’s and family’s horror. 277 more words

Spending time

It’s day 18 of Buy Nothing Year with nothing bought.

I was reading these 10 ways to stop shopping and thought about what makes me stop shopping. 282 more words

Buy Nothing Year

Buy Nothing Year - The Rules!

Buy Nothing Year really should be called Acquire Nothing Year, but that’s not as catchy.

The goal of Buy Nothing New Year is to have less stuff. 743 more words

Buy Nothing Year

A quick hello

I’ve been happily surprised to have followers and people reading and commenting on my blog already. I really didn’t expect such an encouraging reaction. Thank you! 107 more words

Buy Nothing