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Buy-Nothing Month Week 3 Update: Free finds and minimalist closets

For those of you who may be new here, here’s the premise for my month-long, spend-no-money challenge, as well as weeks 1 and 2. … 647 more words
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Buy-Nothing Month: Week 2 Updates!

If you’re just now joining us, feel free to check out my initial post about this challenge, as well as the Week 1 update.

Here we are, already halfway through the month of May!   688 more words


Buy-Nothing Month Week 1 Update: Bumps in the Road

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” -Woody Allen

My month-long challenge of buying nothing had a bang-up opening week. For starters, I went to the dentist for what should have been a quick follow-up visit (I had oral surgery last month), only to be told I needed ANOTHER surgery within the next few weeks!

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Buy Nothing Month Results!

Happy May!

April was a gorgeous month! A month full of 5Ks and getting the hang of biking to work. It was also a month of house projects. 942 more words


Embracing Thrift Part I

In my first year of college I lived with a family as a nanny and I got free rent. I worked two days a week in a bakery and got to eat lots of delicious free or nearly free food.   609 more words

Buy Nothing Year


Here’s to stating the obvious…it’s the last week of April.

For some reason it feels like this months has gone by way too fast. So fast, I really haven’t thought about next month. 662 more words

Practicing Mindfulness

April’s theme is “things I would rather spend money on instead of _________________”. For me it’s student loans, which fits right in with goal #10 for 2016- become debt free! 359 more words