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A lot of minimalism

My next post will be about why I decided to buy nothing for a year.

The real reason behind it is to have less stuff. Spending less money is a secondary benefit. 77 more words

Buy Nothing

Day 1 of Buy Nothing Year

Well  it’s been less than 24 hours since deciding to Buy Nothing for a year and already I’ve thought of two things to buy! And I thought this would be easy. 308 more words

Buy Nothing

And so it starts

Are you a night owl? I’m cursed with a brain that wakes up when the sun goes down. It makes for all sorts of interesting ideas, thoughts, musing and decisions made in soft glow of the moon and my laptop screen. 402 more words

Buy Nothing

Buy Nothing. Really.

Over the past several weeks I’ve received – for free – a used cooler, new hair ties and gummy licorice candy. I’ve also given away to my neighbors all the extra stuff that’s been sitting around my kitchen for years, including a bread machine, light bulbs that I no longer need, a power drill, vases, and an opened bottle of root beer extract, in addition to a bunch of other stuff. 415 more words


The 30 Day Buy Nothing Challenge

Featured image from Slow Your Home

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for a long time and since July starts tomorrow I’ve decided the time has come. 554 more words



Well, my plans for this shiny new blog have been put on hold for a bit this month due to a very pesky ankle injury! I had thought it was getting better but it actually seems to be getting worse so have been given strong painkillers and muscle relaxants and am under strict instructions to rest it. 465 more words

A Piece of the Puzzle

In considering how to best begin my “Buy Nothing” plan, a few thoughts and starting points have occurred to me.

A modestly simple change I’ve made is to unsubscribe from the barrage of promotional emails I regularly receive from websites, stores, magazine, groups, and any number of mythically persuasive sales based creatures. 289 more words

Buy Nothing