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Holiday Reads: Best Nonfiction Books 2017

And we’re wrapping up my Holiday Reads posts with Nonfiction – possibly the easiest category to book shop in, so long as you know your loved ones’ interests. 2,549 more words

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Holiday Reads: Best YA Books 2017

I’ve already covered the best fiction books – now it’s time to move into some of the most anticipated YA fiction of 2017. Whether you’re into epic sci-fi series or heartfelt looks at teenagehood, all of these are worth your time – whether you’re shopping for an actual young adult or simply indulging in this perennially popular genre. 2,675 more words

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Need Seed Money!

It’s a windy, rainy Sunday morning, the ground is covered in orange, sky grey. I am missing my studio, it’s been two weeks since I’ve worked in there. 265 more words


Happy Turkey Day!


My book is BACK! Tomorrow is the big shopping day, my book is the BEST gift!

Amazon only has soft copies. To get a hard bound you need to go through the publisher. 9 more words


Holiday Reads: Best Fiction Books 2017

I hesitate to call this roundup of (amazing) fiction titles the very BEST, but if they aren’t the best books of 2017, they’re damn near close. 2,813 more words

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Holiday Reads: Best Books for Kids 2017

My first book post of the year is a new one – books for kids! I absolutely love gifting little ones with books to help foster a lifelong love of reading – and capture their imaginations while they’re still little. 1,584 more words

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Foodie Fridays: The Edgy Veg

It’s October, which means I’d be remiss to miss an opportunity to remind you it’s vegetarian and vegan awareness month. Believe it or not I’ve eaten a (primarily) plant-based diet for over six years now, and I can’t really imagine going back. 839 more words

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