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Traded By Daddy: An XXX Tale of Naughty Bargains

“I propose a trade. A merger, even. Just to see if you’re as dedicated to Green Flyte Technologies as I think you are. It doesn’t have to be a long term thing …just for this evening.” 122 more words

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Let's Cheat: An XXX Tale of Infidelity in Paradise

“I remember you, stranger,” she says.

I can smell alcohol on her breath, and her lips are wine-stained and dark. She moves closer to me until our arms touch in the water. 101 more words

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Mile High Monsters: An XXX Gremlin Menage

It opens the bathroom door and steps towards her, a three-foot tall something. Green, smooth flesh. Pointed elfin ears. Red eyes, glowing. Claws that stretch and curl out towards her, reaching. 106 more words


Sinful Suburbia Bundle: 3 Erotic Tales Behind Closed Doors

Cheerful matching houses all in a row, rose bushes, and a new car in every driveway. Suburban paradise; the American dream. But what is lurking behind these doors with a “No Solicitation” sign? 180 more words

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Dirty Pillows: An XXX All-Girl Sleepover Tale

“I’m having a party tonight,” she says.

“Okay?” I say with an implied: “Maybe I’ll go, maybe I won’t.”

“But it’s not a normal party,” she says, licking her lower lip. 95 more words

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Mr. Yee Haw

When Flora Bell applies for a job as a ranch cook in the Wild West, she thinks that she knows what to expect. She dreams of howling coyotes, starry skies, and tumbleweeds in Toolahoo, Texas. 84 more words

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Satan & Friends: An XXX Tale of Devilish Fun

Karma finally snags notorious Hollywood jewel thief Jessie Thompson after a cop chase along the California coastline. Unfortunately, no one is there to say “RIP” as she is plunged headfirst into Hell itself; a fit punishment for a woman who devoted her life to crime and extortion. 78 more words

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