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Read More Comix #1

This past weekend my comix collective/drinking buddies and I released our first print book together at Guelph’s Kazoofest.  We had a blast, and chatted up a bunch with locals and creators alike.   114 more words


Alchemy: Golden Windows

Artful Blasphemy is currently obsessed with a T-shaped tunic pattern as the best art garment ever. This one is unfinished, but I am using a combination of a bound opening/reverse applique to create these tumbling, organic blocks that are like windows. 23 more words

Artful Blasphemy

Punk Rock Song #52 (Spending Disease)


DAMN! i’m broke again

that’s right

got no cash on hand

now the credit
tells me i owe five fuckin’ grand!

i just can’t understand! 195 more words


RND Zine

You all know how much I promote writing in RPG books right? Marginalia improves usability and collector value!

Chris Stieha is a man after my own heart. 144 more words


REVIEW! (Urban Decay's Vice 4!)

Finally, as I promised at the start of this blog! I would have reviews of book, makeup, et cetra!

And, boy, do I have one for you today! 449 more words

Water Bottles and a Travel Mug

You might wander why am I writing about water bottles and travel mugs when this should be an easy area to making buying decisions. Well, based on my experience nothing is simple when it comes to shopping in the Unites States even if it’s a water bottle. 812 more words

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Buy This: The Old Try

I love my apartment. My goal was to fill some of the blank spaces with reminders of my southern heritage and my old Tennessee home (sorry, Kentucky). 373 more words

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