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Google Play Music All Access has been my streaming music service of choice for the last year and change, knocking Pandora off the list entirely. Why? 134 more words


Buy This Book > Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words

As a dad, you’re expected to know just about everything. When did the first space shuttle launch? How does a toaster work? Why is that… 127 more words


let's make a deal

Driftwood is available as a THE Kindle Daily Deal at Amazon today and today only! Act now!

Click → HERE ← to get your paws on the digital version for a song (I guess songs are $1.99). 154 more words

Horn Tooting

The Talos Principle

I’ve been holding off on writing about Talos Principle because I wanted to get further in it and reveal a bit more of the story, because it’s one of those super mysterious “something reaaaallllly interesting is here and if you just get a little bit further you might get to reveal some of it!” sorts of stories, and it seems like a disturbingly large percentage of the time the reveals turn out to be complete balls.  865 more words

I Like It

Super Mario 3D World

We had a hankering for some Mario action so we bit the bullet and bought a Wii-U.  At least this way I will be prepared when the Xenoblade sequel arrives… plus it’s got delicious unique co-op options going on.  800 more words

I Like It