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Quicky Tip: Buycott

Here’s a quicky tip since the next full post is a bit behind schedule:

Check out Buycott online and download the app to your phone. You can then choose from a list of causes that are important to you (such as environmental impact) 113 more words


BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is Free Speech

BDS Movement Full List: here is an up-to-date and handy reference to the players: who they are, where they are and why they matter. Their game is gaining your participation through witting or unwitting complicity. 566 more words


5 easy things anyone can do to help Israel

I’m writing this following a question from a friend overseas who asked me: “Besides sharing the truth about Israel, what can we do to help?” There are obviously many things that can be done. 692 more words


Fashion Consciousness: Know What You Are Wearing

Fashion Consciousness: Know What You Are Wearing 

Have you ever thought about the garments that hang in your closet, besides the designer name that is printed on the label? 40 more words


Lessons Learnt - my final post

As my last blog post, I’d like to share the main lesson I learnt through my month long journey taking this pledge. This lesson is that every product that exists on our planet supports and battles some campaign, and in many cases, a single product will do both these things. 903 more words


[App Review] Buycott: The Revolution will be Downloaded.

I downloaded Buycott on my iPhone a couple of weeks ago and have been test driving both the app and the website link access actively since.   537 more words