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Boycott Companies Who Support the Ethnic Cleansing of Tamils

Any human facing oppression should be stood up for. Equals in Humanity supports all of those oppressed: whether Tamils or Iraqis, Muslims or nonmuslims, Christians and Jews, black or white. 23 more words

Better Living through Buycotting

Tomato farming in Florida is not a relaxing job. Working conditions are among the worst in America: each workday slams workers’ bodies. The everyday living is pesticides, bugs, heat, humidity, humiliation, hopelessness and uncaring consumers who wait in long lines at a drive-thru nettled at the cars ahead. 380 more words

Human Rights


If you understand that Boycotting, Divesting from or Sanctioning Israel (otherwise known as the BDS movement) in fact does nothing to enable a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, then you may roll your eyes every time you see a call to “Boycott products made in Israel”.   681 more words

Effective Boycott with #buycott

When I was growing up Saturday morning cartoons were a fixture. Not to date myself but before there were cable and Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel, T.V. 539 more words

Quicky Tip: Buycott

Here’s a quicky tip since the next full post is a bit behind schedule:

Check out Buycott online and download the app to your phone. You can then choose from a list of causes that are important to you (such as environmental impact) 113 more words