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Justice matters. Fairness matters. Ethics matters.

How we treat people matters.

We live in a global economy, where consumer choices we make in our hometown can effect people on the other side of the world. 470 more words


Day 57: Vote With Your Wallet

Day 57 Action:

No matter how sappy and sweet their commercial, no matter how many tissues you need to get through their 30 second spot with the fridge and the big red bow – the cold hard fact about companies is that the bottom line to them- is cold hard cash. 562 more words

Reach Out

With a Side of Buycott

On this cold and rainy Tuesday, let’s talk about food shall we? Now I’m not a big sushi lover, not like Bob and the kids. Raw fish should be called bait imho, so I always order something cooked on the menu. 788 more words

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Froot Loops as a Political Statement

Ah! Froot Loops! One of my heretofore undisclosed guilty pleasures.

In my childhood, my parents restricted their kids to one sugary cereal serving per week. My choice was Froot Loops, usually eaten in front of the TV while watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. 435 more words