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If you understand that Boycotting, Divesting from or Sanctioning Israel (otherwise known as the BDS movement) in fact does nothing to enable a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, then you may roll your eyes every time you see a call to “Boycott products made in Israel”.   681 more words

Effective Boycott with #buycott

When I was growing up Saturday morning cartoons were a fixture. Not to date myself but before there were cable and Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel, T.V. 539 more words

Anti Slavery

Quicky Tip: Buycott

Here’s a quicky tip since the next full post is a bit behind schedule:

Check out Buycott online and download the app to your phone. You can then choose from a list of causes that are important to you (such as environmental impact) 113 more words


BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is Free Speech

BDS Movement Full List: here is an up-to-date and handy reference to the players: who they are, where they are and why they matter. Their game is gaining your participation through witting or unwitting complicity. 566 more words


5 easy things anyone can do to help Israel

I’m writing this following a question from a friend overseas who asked me: “Besides sharing the truth about Israel, what can we do to help?” There are obviously many things that can be done. 692 more words


Fashion Consciousness: Know What You Are Wearing

Fashion Consciousness: Know What You Are Wearing 

Have you ever thought about the garments that hang in your closet, besides the designer name that is printed on the label? 40 more words