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The Truth About Genuine Diamond Coated Gems or Fake Stones

Can a stone be coated with a diamond veneer? Does this veneer make a better looking cubic zirconia or faux diamond?

There are many misconceptions regarding various stones that are coated with a veneer from a genuine diamond.   30 more words

Fake Diamonds

Hidden Problems After Real Estate Purchase

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware.”

What can you do if you discover major problems with a property after buying real estate in Alberta? There are a number of legal and practical issues. 731 more words

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Yesterday, I stumbled upon some information that really made me sad. My best friend Megan shared a post about a suspected puppy mill “breeder” operating out of SW Calgary… the same breeder I got my dog, Delilah from, almost exactly a year ago. 626 more words

Buyer Beware: Equity Indexed Annuity

By: Bryan Kupchik

Everyone enjoys a winning hand, and let’s face it, losing money is painful for all of us, no matter how much is at stake. 1,237 more words


Here Is Proof That Dollar Tree Price Gouges

The numbers do not lie. Being a math whiz, who uses a calculator daily, just like my late father, the numbers tell you the raw truth! 407 more words

Buyer Beware

Buyers Beware

I guess it’s obvious that when you are preparing to close on a house and tens of thousands of dollars are being prepared to exchange hands, you and the people you are working with become targets. 470 more words

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Consumers Held Hostage

Has anyone thought much about the super-sizing of the American life? You may recall the phrase at the checkout window at McDonald’s, but rarely do most people see the trends happening every where about them. 1,900 more words

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