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How To Avoid Shady Third-Party Apps Piggybacking On Popularity Of Pokémon Go

Amid the crowds of roving Pokémon Go players out there following virtual monsters around with their phones, there are likely some who might be interested in downloading third-party or ancillary apps to help you in your quest. 636 more words

Women's Ugg Boots How to Make Sure You Don't Get Ripped Off

Women’s Ugg boots have become a necessary commodity in fashion and in comfort. In any type of weather they are very popular because of their versatility. 403 more words

4 Benefits To Buying A Used Car - You'll Love #4

Once you’ve finally decided to replace your current car, the next question to ask yourself is: Should I buy new or used?

That depends. Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all answer. 948 more words

Ethics Of Practicing Real Estate In Punta Cana

With more people seeking to invest in Real Estate in Punta Cana, and more real estate agents getting into the property market, investors need to be sure that they are getting sound advice from qualified professionals. 332 more words

Make Safe Investment

PSA: don't buy dresses from China 

So, a day early, my “custom” dress from China arrived. As a recap, this is the dress that was advertised:

Recall my anxieties about it’s length. 268 more words

Vow Renewal

TestRX Herbal Testosterone Booster

***I received this product at a highly discounted rate for an honest unbiased review and I was not compensated.***

When I received the product I noticed that the bottle was marked up, dirty, it had nasty markings and stuff all over it which really turned me off to begin with. 356 more words

Buyer Beware

The common saying Buyer Beware commonly trumps any rights a Purchaser may think they have against a Vendor once the contract is unconditional.

While I always recommend that you diligently complete all inspections before the contract becomes unconditional, there are situations when a Vendor discloses, or acts in a way to disclose, a piece of information which can lead to a warranted right for a Purchaser to cancel or receive compensation after the contract is no longer conditional. 406 more words