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How to Build an Inbound Lead Generation Campaign

Marketing needs to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to the members of the Sales Team to fill the funnel so that sales can be increased.  A good way to do this is to use Inbound Marketing and create MQL generation campaigns.  544 more words


Invitations to Offer & Reverse Offers - How Atlanta Home Sellers Make Offers to Buyers (instead of the other way around)

INVITATIONS TO OFFER & REVERSE OFFERS – how Atlanta Home Sellers make offers to Buyers (instead of the other way around)

By Mary Anne Walser, Realtor & Attorney, 404-277-3527, maryannesellshomes@gmail.com… 1,128 more words

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BC Passes Foreign Home Buyer Tax

Our chief economist at Dominion Lending Centres breaks down the news, what it means and answer the question on most of our minds: will Ontario do the same due to the hot Toronto market? 6 more words

What is this buzz all about?

Are you a student, A working man or a family, Shifting to a new city can be a tedious task, the fear of migrating to an alien place is daunting in itself, and with that comes along the very first question? 285 more words


Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing Part 2 - What to Do With Them

In this 2 part series we are discussing buyer personas and their importance to inbound marketing efforts and increasing sales.  In part 1 we discussed how to create them while the focus of this post will be on what to do with them once created. 415 more words


Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing Part 1 - Creation

Knowing what motivates your target buyers is essential for building a successful inbound marketing effort and for increasing sales.  This 2 part blog series will discuss what is a buyer persona, why you need to create personas and how to create them.  803 more words