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Mortgage 101: Five Key Mortgage Terms You Need to Understand

From putting your home on the market to finding the lender with the best rates, there are so many things involved in buying a home that the terminology is just one more thing to add to the list. 381 more words

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Trim Your Mortgage Closing Costs by Following This Easy 3 Step Guide


You may be so busy with determining your debt-to-income ratio and deciding what kind of offer to make that closing costs have gotten lost in the mix, but it’s important to remember that finalizing your mortgage will cost you extra. 385 more words

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Homeownership Is a Precondition of the American Dream

Hearth just released their 2017 State of the American Dream report which showed that Americans still see homeownership as an integral piece of the American Dream. 312 more words

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The Dating Game-Vetting Your Realtor (Buyers)

As buyers enter the real estate market, one of the first steps is choosing a realtor. When choosing an agent, there are a number of questions to ask. 375 more words

Why Your Agent Matters

For most people, buying a home is generally the most expensive transaction they will make in their lifetime.  And during this costly purchase, there are a lot of legalities along the way that need to be adhered to, to ensure a smooth transaction.   197 more words