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A Tale of Two Price Points

As we continue our turbulent countdown to November 8th, it’s difficult not to be battered by the rhetorical hurricane sweeping the country. Take a deep breath and look out the window.   645 more words

Hire a Boston Exclusive Buyer’s Agent When Buying Real Estate

Unsurprisingly, for every adult buying a house in a prime location takes the top spot in their life goals. There are many factors that can either increase or decrease an individual’s capability of purchasing their very first house. 81 more words

7 Tips for Moving In Together

Before you move in with someone, you see a different side of them. You probably see them all prettied up, and you don’t see all of their weird habits like clipping their toenails, shaving armpits and smelling nasty when they don’t take a shower for 2 days. 528 more words


How to Decide What To Offer On A Home

It can seem like the biggest decision of your life… Determining what to offer on the home you want to buy. Here are some really important things to note to keep you in the game. 834 more words


2016 Home and Garden Show Radio Segment

This show aired on Sunday, October 2, 2016. Shannon Register and I discuss Realtor Property Resource (RPR) Reports and how they can benefit you in finding the value of your home.