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Master This Home Buying Season With Our Guide To Finding Local Real Estate Bargains

Most people have a good idea of the neighborhood they want to purchase a new home in. The problem is finding a great deal in the area, especially if it’s a neighborhood that’s very popular. 399 more words


Buyer Tips For Negotiating Price

You want to make every dollar count in the purchase of your home. And one way to make it happen is to employ sound negotiating tactics that make a difference between small cents and dynamic dollars. 452 more words


Getting a Mortgage in 2017? 4 Reasons Why It's Time to Start Paying Down Other Debts Now

Buying a home is an ideal investment for many people because not only is it a place that belongs to them, it can also be a very beneficial investment. 398 more words


Selling During The Holiday Season

Some consider the holiday season between November and January to be one of the hardest times of the year to list your home. With all of the traditions, holiday guests, and busy schedules associated with the season, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. 219 more words


Buyer Beware of Real Estate Scams!

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This past week our phones and email have been absolutely blowing up with calls and messages from buyers who have found a handful of homes online that are, well, too good to be true!   243 more words

Real Estate investing. What a great idea:)

Have you ever thought of investing in Real Estate? It can be a daunting task and also a labour of love. Find out about more ways to invest in the Real Estate Market. 10 more words

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Forget Mortgage Apps: 5 Reasons Why You'll Want to Use a Human Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker can be a helpful tool in finding the right opportunity for you, but it can be tempting to deal with mortgage apps that may be able to consolidate all the information you need in one place. 371 more words

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