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(Go Flat Out Review) 2017 Honda City VX: Zero Compromise (With Video)

The Honda City has been one of Go Flat Out’s top picks for the subcompact sedan segment since this generation’s release in 2014. Three years on, and a facelift is in need in order to keep this innovative subcompact sedan on top of the food chain. 1,226 more words

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Blu-ray Buyer's Guide - July 18

This Tuesday, there’s only one release worth noting, but it’s a big one – literally! The king of the monsters comes to Blu-ray in a brand-new adventure, with a few exclusive editions. 272 more words


The Future

Connected fridges are likely to be a big winner. Every home has a fridge and the ability to connect your fridge will enable consumers to not only be made aware of when products are running out, but then the ability to re-order your shopping via the associated app will be a popular feature. 21 more words

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Innovating @ IFA


Gorenje’s latest NatureFresh built-in refrigerators keep vegetables, fruit, meat and sh fresh and packed with vitamins for much longer than standard refrigerators. 128 more words

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Innovations to Look for at IFA


Consumers are increasingly considering the ecological and economic factors when buying appliances. As the cost of energy increases, it will become more of a consumer priority. 251 more words

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State of Play

The market has been driven mainly by the quest for larger capacity models. American style side-by-sides have long been popular and over the past year or so these products have become much more affordable. 37 more words

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