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Red Versatility Dress

I made this dress using a well-constructed pattern that offers several different but subtle choices. The structure of the bodice is beautiful but I should have used plain fabric so that the princess seams in the bodice showed up as part of the design. 247 more words

18-inch Dolls


Just returned from a 4-day quilt retreat with my quilt sisters and I will blog more about that later. I am still unpacking and sorting out the… 228 more words


Fabric Types

When I was at college in my hometown where there’s only one fabric shop and it was quite expensive. I used to order a lot of my fabrics, however my fabric knowledge is quite bad. 713 more words


How to Buy Fabric

Fabric stores can be a little overwhelming! Just have fun browsing around and pick up any bolts of fabric you want to buy. To begin with, I’d recommend sticking with calico, quilting fabrics, and broadcloth, which are made of cotton. 122 more words

Learn To Sew

Styling Saige for the Holidays

This red and white checked cotton dress is perfect for Saige who wants to be festive during the Christmas season, but she can still play outside without ruining a more delicate party dress.  177 more words

18-inch Dolls

Fabric Costs How Much?

It feels like every week I am getting closer and closer to finally giving dressmaking a go. I’ve wanted to make my own clothes for a long time but I’ve been trying to learn some basic sewing skills first. 588 more words

Lancashire Love

Back to Basics

First things first. I’m so excited because my fabric came in! I finally got it all washed and ready to go… (Well, they still need to be ironed, but I’ll get to that as I get to each fabric.) I ask you not to judge my ironing board cover, it’s on my list of things to learn to make. 617 more words