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Today was a good day on Wall Street and for my investment portfolio.  Two of my stocks (Broadcom and Avago)  experienced – what is often called – a good pop. 170 more words


Oculus Buy-Out UK Augmented Reality Company Surreal Vision

Oculus today announced yesterday their acquisition of British company Surreal Vision. Executives have said they plan to adapt the research from the Surreal Vision team, comprised of three PHDs from the Imperial College, London, in order to integrate virtual and augmented reality systems. 78 more words


Hot Topic buying Geeknet for about $117.3 million - SCNow: Finance

One of our favorite sites is thinkgeek.com. a website that caters to geek themed gear. Now that Hot Topic, the retail chain seems to be scooping up Geeknet, the parent company of the website, it will be interesting to see if there will now be some crossover product lines from retail to online availability. 9 more words

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Industry sources are speculating that BlackBerry is again being considered for acquisition by other firms after it showed profitability for the period from December 2014 to February 2015, after its recent corporate restructuring. 105 more words

LinkedIn Buys Bizo

In an effort to better serve the bottom of the marketing funnel, the worlds’ largest online professional network has purchased B2B marketer Bizo. Among other offerings, Bizo partners with a number of ad networks, demand-side platforms and trading desks to allow marketers to drill down to reachRead more…

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Recent Litigation Shows Buyout Clauses Don’t Always Provide Certainty as Designed

Parties to a contract may agree in advance to an amount of money to be paid as damages in the event of a breach – a remedy known as “liquidated damages.”  In March, Shumaker Sports wrote about why it is important for a coach to “ 735 more words