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Let's Review Some High Points Of Legendary Nutcase Rasheed Wallace's Career

1. Rasheed Wallace, one of the NBA’s goofiest and most beloved/reviled players, retired today, just as his Knicks are about to face the Celtics in the playoffs. 23 more words

Twitterverse snickers at apt byline on Reuters article about French men’s sperm

Well done Internet. Well done. http://t.co/zxcv2Osc

— Andrew M. Seaman (@andrewmseaman) December 5, 2012

Yes, really. Somewhere in the Reuters newsroom, an assignment editor is doing his best Beavis and Butthead imitation.

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Why Did Charity Johnson Pretend To Be A Teenager For Nearly 20 Years?

Charity Johnson enrolled in 10th grade at New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas, a few weeks before her 34th birthday.
Back then, in October 2013, Charity said her name was “Charite Stevens” and that she was born in 1997 instead of 1979, making her nearly 16, just old enough to score an …