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The most important animated films (part 2)

Welcome back to my most important animated films list! As mentioned in Part 1, this is not a list of the greatest animated films ever. 501 more words


Pack your bags #BuzzAlrdin says were heading to mars within 25 years. @theguardian

Here’s  the plan…

  • Buzz is teaming up with Florida Institute of Technology developing the “master plan”
  • The plan is to use Mar’s moons as stepping stones…
  • 21 more words

.Nocturnal Stray.

A spirit that will never back down from the dogfight
Burst into the wicked show with shattering noise
Harnessing and controlling your unruly partner 

.Pose:  68 more words


The Buzz

In middle school, I remember bringing in a picture of Reese Witherspoon from when she did Sweet Home Alabama (for those of you who aren’t familiar, she had a piecey, chin-length bob) to my hairdresser. 321 more words


Brain Mush: Or Practicing What I Preach: Or A Step Inside An Anxious Mind.

Hi guys,

And welcome to the new living space. Please don’t traipse mud on the expensive shag. It’s a Parisian import ;)

…But for reals, make yourself at home. 795 more words


Tête d'Optu

J’ai l’angoisse du pixel #FFFFFF. Souvent j’écris quelque chose et les mots disparaissent plus vite qu’ils n’ont été tapés. Dommage pour eux. Heureusement pour toi. 208 more words