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A scene from India

As we traveled through the bustling streets of Agra our horse and driver seemed indifferent to all of the activity and the strange smells created by a mixture the rubbish that was often well trampled into the dirt streets, the open sewers or the fact that some people just squatted down to do their business wherever they pleased and the multitude street vendors offering curries , roti breads and a host of other Indian cooking. 261 more words


Red Kites

After years of persecution Red Kite numbers are now increasing and they can be seen all around the Oxfordshire area.

They are easily identifiable by their forked tail. 295 more words


Nature Notes

The Eyes Have It.

On high ground, the wild wind and furious passing showers are exhilarating. We seem to be walking through a whirlwind that rooks and jackdaws are caught up in, or are purposefully pitching into, rising up through it like black sparks ejected from a chimney. 449 more words

Buzzard...Buteo buteo...on a lamppost Devon

Buzzard…Buteo buteo…on a lamppost Devon

A commotion made me look up to see an agitated buzzard perched on a lamppost. Crows were flying above the buzzard, obviously mobbing it as they do. 144 more words


Buzzards on Brock Mountain

Buzzards roosting on a dead tree on Brock Mountain, Independence County. How many buzzards can you find?


Strathdearn'ations and consternation - or 'Dearn, deer, and oh dear

After a week of gorgeous weather, today was cold and breezy with temperatures more appropriate for October in the Highlands of Scotland – in other words, it was cold. 579 more words

Non-reserve Birding