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Life in the Real Desert: The Sands are Alive (With the Sounds of Barking)

After an eventful weekend of flat tyres on the bike, repeated attempts to fix this problem went badly and left me with a disposition best left alone, and weird dreams, it was time to take stock of the critters who have been scampering, scuttling, and gamboling across the desert floor. 1,368 more words


Buzzard Watching

I’ve been focusing on training up my shooting (photography) companion, thus the numerous labrador shots…forgive me, but it’s where I am. Once the feud over wearing a head harness was complete, my friend started enjoying the details of our hike and demonstrating her unwelt. 11 more words


Passing Through

Today my run along the humbling river starts from a place dark and deep. The seeming boundless edges of grief, teetering over and once again, seeping into the beginning of my day. 483 more words


March #2: "Twitterpated"

March 31st
It’s amazing how much can change in ten days! I left a chilly country still looking wintry while Spring struggled to claim a hold, and returned to at least three kinds of daffodil in bloom, primroses replacing the snow’s patchy carpet and even more exciting: the resident Canada Geese serenely nesting on a patch over which the neighbours told me there had been no struggle. 642 more words

2015 Buzzard adventure

Our pair of Buzzards has once again moved onto their trusted nest. Fourth year in a row. It takes about 30 days for them to hatch an egg. 15 more words


Buzzardly Echoes

Pardon the flakes of rust all about. I have neither picked up a pen, sat down at a keyboard nor contemplated a single Revolutionary War storyline for a whole week. 236 more words


Buzzards, Dodo Birds and a Couple of Squirrels

If someone believed herself clever enough to compare cardinals, sparrows and doves to congress, she failed miserably.

I say call it what it is. What we have are buzzards, dodo birds and a couple of squirrels. 258 more words