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Killing a native bird of prey in order to protect an exotic 'chicken'

I have heard the news that the government is to allow the shooting of buzzards.

The buzzard is a bird of prey currently with a population that has still not spread to maximum density in all parts of its former range in Britain. 418 more words

Two Woodpeckers

I’ve said before that we are very lucky with wildlife around here. We have deer, badgers, foxes, weasels, buzzards, woodpeckers and all manner of little birds. 311 more words


Buzzards Overhead

I was out at a meeting for a proportion of yesterday, when I came back I was sitting at my desk catching up on some emails, when I heard the distinctive call of a buzzard outside. 34 more words


First there was Brexit, now it's Clexit?

Political agendas with a little p seem to be gathering traction since the UK voted to leave ‘Europe’?

Principally promoted by business who sought to divest regulation and constraints for an open market where trade deals would be easy and of course the UK tax payer would still be expected to subsidise private businesses (agri-industry, banking, pharmaceutical research etc.)? 452 more words

Executive Secretary

Unatural England (again)

You may be aware that Natural England, the so called governing body responsible for the protection of our wildlife have issued a license to “control” (that means kill) up to 10 Buzzards to a gamekeeper who complains that he is losing Pheasants to the predators. 1,564 more words