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Tippy has a special dislike of buzzards.  It’s the only bird she barks at when flying overhead.  So, when this one decided to roost in a tree near the house, she was NOT happy! 27 more words

The Second Walk of the Year

As I had promised myself a couple of days ago, I was back out on the trail again and back at Reimers Ranch. This time I planned on a longer walk to get in some exercise as well as take pictures. 858 more words


Buzzards Day

Today is celebrated as Buzzards Day, especially in some parts of the US. They are one of the most common and widespread birds of prey. The number of buzzards have increased and are thought to be as high as 60,000 pairs throughout the UK, making them the most prevalent bird of prey in the UK. 210 more words


Crossed Wings

Crossed wings in the midst of the wake…The wrapping of leathered wings beating the wet air above the Potomac River punctuates the constant sound of the roaring falls, drawing eyes upward to witness the aerial show…A momentary merger yielding a Star Wars vision in the chaotic formation of vultures. 6 more words


13/01/18 Winter's dawn chorus of ravens, owls, crows and buzzards at Stapleton Wood.

I went to sit in the wood on a cold January morning from 7:15-8:15am to listen to the activity in the bleak midwinter.   It was fascinating and beautiful.  82 more words

Field Recording

Stuck in Neutral

As nursing school deadlines and decisions begin to come out, I find myself at a cross roads in my life. I would love to get into nursing school and begin my clinicals, yet as a realist, if I do not get in I question whether I will take a semester off to work and reapply in the spring or continue taking classes on a campus somewhere?

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