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Home Automation: Sound Alarm and LCD display when temp is above threshold using Arduino

This blog will demonstrate how to make a Home Automation System which will start sounding a alarm whenever temperature reaches more than the programmed threshold value. 515 more words


Connecting a Magnetic Buzzer and LCD display to Arduino

In this blog, I will talk how to connect a magnetic buzzer on Arduino and make it sound. Just for making this project better, i have also connected LCD to it and displaying the message whether ring is happening or not. 378 more words


Wireless Trivia Game Buzzers Using HopeRF RFM69

TV game shows follow a formula that hasn’t changed much in sixty years. The celebrity presenter, the glamorous assistant, the catch phrases, the gaudy plywood sets, the nervous contestants, and of course the buzzers. 198 more words


Adzbuzz Buzzer Upgrade - Earn a Passive Income - ADZvault

The Profit-share Concept behind Adzbuzz explained! Adzbuzz shares 905 of all revenue with its members, click this link to learn more!