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Greenhouse Monitoring Using GSM

I have done a project to detect dangerous gases present in this environment and control by using analysis because safety plays a major role in today’s world and it is necessary that good safety systems are to be implemented in places of education and work. 272 more words


Detecting Obstacles and Warning - Arduino and Ultrasonic


This is tutorial to help you understand ultrasonic and buzzer and go deeper into learning Arduino, follow these steps and give me feedback. 92 more words

Buzzer, Jaring Fulus dari Follower

Buzzer, Jaring Fulus dari Follower Eksistensi buzzer sempat diragukan bakal bertahan, tetapi kini justru semakin banyak selebritas yang berperan sebagai buzzer. Buzzer yang sempat diramal bakal meredup begitu Twitter membuka kantor perwakilan di Jakarta, ternyata masih kinclong.


Hacklet 103 - Piezo Projects

The piezoelectric effect is simple in its rules: Apply mechanical stress to a material and you generate an electric charge. The inverse is also true: Apply a voltage to a material, and it changes shape. 570 more words

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Presenting...The Revolutionary Weather Box


Janli Gwo and Kacper Krasowiak, Nov 2014

Children born in the 90’s generation have been raised to young adulthood in an era popularizing the use and entrepreneurial spirit of technology. 3,518 more words


A throwback of sorts... The Buzzer Box!

Back when I was around 11, I strolled into a Radioshack and bought some wire, a buzzer, and a battery pack. I had a weird fascination with my elementary school’s fire alarm and wanted to recreate it. 235 more words


(nothing less than) The Perfect Tea Timer


Maybe you just drink coffee. Then this article is not particularly interesting for you. But if you like a cup of black or green tea once in a while you might know the problem: You prepare your tea and you let it stand for a minute too long. 580 more words

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