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Gerilya Politik Ganti Domain Dan Berita Moneter Tutup Ada Apa ? Apakah Ada Tim Ahok Jokowi (Jasmev)

Sejak beredar diyoutubre  Video habib rizieq syihah dengan firza husein blog ini banyak yang share ke facebook dan twitter dan kabar terbaru tentang HRS dan FH biarlah pihak polisi yang mengungkap semua. 147 more words

Firza Husen

Arduino: Exercise 11

Using the buzzer speaker thingy!

I did the default song, and Ode to Joy. I found a handy list of notes and their frequencies here… 153 more words


Let's Prototype! This Filament End Needs 80 Decibels

Reaching the end of a spool of filament when 3D printing is inevitable. The result ranges from minor annoyance to ruined print. Recently, I needed to print a number of large jobs that used just over half a spool of plastic each. 1,787 more words


Color Your World 2017: Antique Brass

Brass with a buzz

Buzzer, Venice Italy

Join Jennifer’s 2017 Color Your World Challenge: Antique Brass


Home Automation: Sound Alarm and LCD display when temp is above threshold using Arduino

This blog will demonstrate how to make a Home Automation System which will start sounding a alarm whenever temperature reaches more than the programmed threshold value. 515 more words


Connecting a Magnetic Buzzer and LCD display to Arduino

In this blog, I will talk how to connect a magnetic buzzer on Arduino and make it sound. Just for making this project better, i have also connected LCD to it and displaying the message whether ring is happening or not. 378 more words