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Social Shake Shack

Getting a social media following for your business is like the stations of the cross; you need to generate posts, make sure your pictures look ‘likable’, get some graphic design help to make the images worth sharing, create the copy that’s not too short but not too long so the readers won’t skip over it, keep it under 140 characters for tweets, use hashtags (but not too many hashtags), sponsor a post or two…Not only is this exhausting, it’s not even guaranteed to be successful.   459 more words


ROFU's Buzzing!

So what do you do when you need a fail secure “DC” strike to buzz? Try this out!! 


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Wire Buzzer game - Parts

Making someting is often rearding and a lot easier than you think, one such example is  classic wire buzzer game that will infurate you to no end but give you a brilliant sense of satisfaction when building it and when you complete it. 76 more words


The Rectifier Diode

Diode allows current to flow in one direction only. It looks a lot like a resistor, as you can see

These diodes can protect parts of the circuit against reverse current flow, but there is a priceto pay: diodes also cause a drop in the voltage of around 0.7 V. 493 more words


Controlling LEDs and a buzzer with Python

Our three advanced coders have begun to control LEDs and a buzzer with the Raspberry Pi.


Chocolate and Buzzer

Chocolate at the “Addicted” Cafe with a Buzzer

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