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How Well Do You Know Dog Breeds?

It’s easy to identify a corgi or a pug, but what about an Affenpinscher?



NewFronts 2015: BuzzFeed's 3 Most Interesting Data Points About Video Content

BuzzFeed gave a presentation Monday to ad-industry execs dwelling on the data and process of creating and distributing video — the unsexy nuts-and-bolts side of the business — instead of announcing any major new video series or content. 483 more words


In Conclusion: Sightseeing Through Social Media

So, as I mentioned in my first post, the reason I’ve been talking about study abroad and social media is because I’m taking a class called, “Making Sense of Social Media”. 445 more words


20 Adorable Dogs Who Will Make You Want To Hug Your Best Friend


“Wearing this weird plastic hat isn’t so bad when you’ve got your friends around!”

Sophia Krautli

“I feel like I’m on top of the world!” 26 more words


Can You Solve These Emoji Puzzles?

Buzzfeed has compiled a video that tests your ability to decipher emojis that describe popular TV shows, movies and songs. Things start out easy, but get more and more clever as time goes on.


Which Celebrity Couple Are You And Your Pet?

Let’s face it: Your pet is basically your significant other.



19 Things You Need To Eat In Liverpool Right Now

Because there’s more to this great city than football and tracksuits.

Fish and chips from the Bridewell.

We all know northern fish and chips is better than what you can get in the south, but this effort really does need sampling ASAP when you're next knocking around Liverpool One. 150 more words