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Years In The Making: Tried & True Birthday Cake

Cake was like my first true love. I’ve baked on and off for years, but when I started making cakes from scratch something really clicked. The decorating is still a challenge to me, but I love creating the more important part of the inside. 414 more words


Tips to Traveling Abroad

If you have already decided you’re going abroad, don’t worry! The infamous Buzzfeed has some great tips for you to encourage you in your upcoming journey and also equip you with some great advice! 73 more words


36 Answers To Dumb Women's Questions

Every so often a video comes out that’s just so stupid you get a headache just watching it. Buzzfeed Yellow came out with such a video on January 25, 2016.   2,533 more words

Mens Rights

All I Want for Christmas is Poo

When I saw the Buzzfeed article 6 Easy Holiday Gifts You Can Give Everyone in Your Squad, I knew that I must realize my dream of creating poop emoji Christmas ornaments. 201 more words

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22 Times People Met Celebrities And It Was Really, Really Lovely

22 Times People Met Celebrities And It Was Really, Really Lovely https://goo.gl/8SrSJh http://ift.tt/1TSlUSc February 10, 2016 at 07:27AM:

“Bill Nye the Science Guy introduced me to my fiancé.” 171 more words


J.K. Rowling on Anxiety and Depression

So I love this story. Not just for the awesome and loving advice coming from someone who has inspired so many people and changed so many lives, but because the people who reach out to Ms. 48 more words

Rishonda Anthony

In The News: Buzzfeed Explores Emetophobia

I am so, so excited to be writing about this right now. I don’t think you even can understand how much this makes me excited. My entire life has amounted to me making this blog and this particular segment, just so I could bring the amazing news that I am bringing you right now. 1,281 more words