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First Makeover Monday - Week 3: @RealDonaldTrump dataviz

Yesterday, I started my first Makeover Monday session in Tableau, which was an exciting but daunting experience. It got me thinking about reflecting on each week of doing Makeover Monday through the stories I tell with my visualisations. 384 more words


My Workout Routine

Today I thought I would share my workout routine with all of you. I never worked out or did any exercise before this (apart from walking really fast all the time) and I thought that I probably should start doing something. 296 more words


Would Buzzfeed Have Published the Martin Luther King Sex Tape?

Kompromat–the term for the acquistion and exploitation of compromising material, often of an embarrassing sexual nature–is very much in the news today, thanks to the allegation that Russian security services have dirt on Donald Trump and are blackmailing him to follow Kremlin policies. 771 more words


Report: CNN/Buzzfeed to Release Damaging New Trump Tape 48 Hours Before Inauguration

More fake news? I heard about this recording in November, it never surfaced. Consider the source. I wouldn’t even put it past them to use an impersonator and some heavy editing…~TS… 444 more words

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Putin: People Who Ordered Anti-Trump Kompromat Are 'Worse Than Prostitutes'

At a press conference today with the newly elected President of Moldova, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not miss the opportunity to shed light on his view of the latest scandal started by BuzzFeed last week. 750 more words

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The Tabloids Never Would Have Run BuzzFeed's Trump Dossier

I used to work at the tabloids. I also worked at more esteemed publications (Chicago Tribune’s City News and the Chicago Sun-Times) but for the purposes of exposing the ludicrousness of BuzzFeed publishing the outrageous 35-page dossier on President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged trysts with Russian prostitutes involving golden showers, it’s my experience serving as an editor and reporter at… 1,878 more words

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The Irony of Fake News Part 2

They did it again…

On January 8th, I posted a blog about how Vox tried to cite Buzzfeed, an extremely biased fake news site, to prove that fake news was scamming the election. 252 more words